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Bed Head Deep Waver Review

Effie XuReviewed By: Rating: ★★★★½ (4.6) Updated On: Oct 6, 2014

Straight hair is no doubt fun. Irrespective of age, ladies can deck up in different styles. Either they can leave it open or tie-it up. But, after some days it does become boring. How about that curly look? There can be different forms of curls, such as long curls, short ones, sculpted waves or long waves. It is easy to do whichever one you please, especially if you have long tresses and want to try out a new hairdo. Bed Head Deep Waver is an efficient gizmo that can help you to give that short, wavy appearance of your tresses, without causing too much bounce. Let’s check out how to use this hair-waver machine usefully.

Bed Head Deep Waver Review


The sturdy and efficient gizmo is a handy tool for ladies who wish to make a curly hairdo quickly. At $28, the gizmo does not cost a fortune. It is an affordable product for college students, especially those who want to dress up for their prom-party.

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The product is shipped with a blue colored waver machine. There is a 6-inch power cord and a user manual with the gizmo. Some products, such as a Bed Head Masterpiece Hairspray is also shipped with the machine. There are three barrels which heat up and compress the hair to form the curls. When not in use the machine can be stored after locking the handles. It is necessary to use the gizmo properly. A safety polarized plug has been used to ensure that users don’t misuse the machine accidentally.


The Bed Head Waver works by treating the straight hair with heat waves and then, clamping it with the handles. However, this gizmo is not the traditional waver machine. It uses the Bed Head Waver Artist technology that emits negative ions into the hair strands along with the heat. The tourmaline gemstones combine with traditional elements in the ceramic waver to produce sculpted waves. The mechanism works like this:

  • The hair strands placed between the heated barrels are compressed.
  • The heat along with negative ions closes the cuticle of the hair strands.
  • The moisture in the hair strands are retained, but the hair remains soft and manageable.

…So, the Tourmaline-Ceramic technology conditions the hair with negative ions and far-infrared heat. The process is quick and hassle-free. The curls stay for longer time than what traditional wavers could do.

Bed Head Deep Waver Review

How to Use

Before using the gadget, users must read through the manual carefully and follow the instructions. The appliance has a power cord which ends in a polarized plug (where one blade is wider than the other). The option is used for safety.

  • Carefully, the appliance must be plugged in and heated to 30 seconds.
  • Hair should be dry and clean.
  • The appliance is switched on by pressing the ‘On’ button.
  • The heat control dial is tweaked to select the correct heat setting option. First time users should use the lowest level at first.
  • Once the barrels are heated, the gizmo is unplugged.
  • The hair is stylized by putting a section of it in between the barrels and pressed with the handles.
  • Once stylizing is complete, the hair should be allowed to cool before one touches it or combs it.

Once the hair is cooled, a paddle brush is used to make it look beautiful. It is necessary to follow some precautions before using the gizmo. When over-heating is done on the hair or when the heated barrel is kept for too long, the hair gets damaged. Multiple settings are possible depending on the type of hair. For fine and soft hair, the lowest option is chosen.


The three-barrel design gives deep and smooth waves. The wavy tresses stay for the entire day and look shiny and silky. The following stylizing can be done using Bed Head Deep Waver:

  • Prep: here ripples are formed to form sculpted waves. Small sections are taken and pressed with the barrels.
  • Long Curls: here the compression is done after a long interval from root to the end of the hair.
  • Continuous waves: here the compression is done with the third barrel where the outermost wave is matched in the next compression to give a continuous wavy look.

The Bed Head Masterpiece hairspray is used to ensure that the hair-style stays in place without any issues. If the user wants to change the hairdo once again, the sculpted hair must be thoroughly washed. In any case, the curls don’t stay on permanently as well. Users can take the portable gizmo and tuck it in travel bags easily. Not too heavy or bulky, the hair styling gadget has a long life too.

Bed Head Deep Waver Review

Review Overall

Highly Recommended
Summary: So, if you are looking for hassle-free waver, Bed Head Deep Waver is a good one to start with.
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