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Ab Workouts Tips to Perfect Shape

Who doesn’t want amazing and well define 6-pack abs? The key to getting that amazing muscle tone is through diet and cardio, since the only thing that seems to get in the way is a layer of body fat. See, everyone already has those abs, but they are hidden by that layer of fat, so eat healthier and work out more if you’d like to show off your stomach during beach season.

There are many different abs exercises to get you that 6-pack greatness and they range from beginner to advanced. Don’t worry if you are just a beginner, you don’t have to work out like crazy to get a great flat stomach. You can just be starting out and you’ll still be working your way to great abs with even the easiest exercise.

Best Ab Workouts

As a beginner, you may want to do the Reverse Crunches. Firstly, you need to lie flat on the floor or something level. Secondly, contract lower abs and lift your butt off the floor but to remember that do not move your lower abs. Thirdly, lift your knees upward and inward towards your head. Last, Pause for a second, and slowly return to the first step. Try this between 12-20 times. When you can exercise about 20 times, you may add a light dumbbell in between your feet to increase exercise intensity.

Next for a beginner is the Ab V Holds. Lie flat on the floor or a bench and with both of your hands at your side; lift your legs and torso to 45º. You should form a “V.” Keep your legs straight and maintain a strong posture throughout. Then brace your core, contracting your lower/upper abs, and hold the “V” position for as long as possible. The recommended times for a beginner is 30 seconds, but as you are skillful in this exercise, see if you can last at least 2 minutes.

As you succeed in the beginning exercises, you may want to move onto something a little harder. A good exercise for intermediates is TRX Knee Tucks. This one will need some equipment you can find at any store that sells workout gear. First you put your feet into a TRX tie and then extend outward until you make a complete push-up. While keeping a steady upper body, shrink your lower abs slowly and move your knees towards your chest. Hold this for a second, and then kick legs back to the push up position. Try this for 12-20 times.

Now that you are intermediate with your workouts, try the Exercise Ball Jackknives. Put your shins and feet steadily on a Swiss ball. Once again, this item can be bought at any exercise store or even your local everyday business like Walmart or Target. Move outwards onto your forearms until you extend to complete push-up position just like a bridge. Tighten your abs and slowly pull your lower abs as you roll the Swiss ball inwards towards the hip. Continue roll the ball in until forearms and legs are vertical to the floor, and hold it for a second then return to the original position. Do this or 12-20 reps.

It’s time to go to the Advanced stage of your exercise. Try the Hanging Leg Raises.  Hang from a pull-up bar with your hands at shoulder-width. Contract your lower abs and slowly raise your legs until they are parallel with the floor, while keeping your back straight. Try not to swing, rock or use any momentum. This is hard, hence it being an advanced technique. By now, your abs have already been forming and should be strong enough to endure this exercise. Hold this position for a second, and then return slowly to the bottom. Don’t just allow your legs to drop. Repeat this for 10-20 reps.

A tip for this exercise: as your abs grow stronger, increase the height of your legs. If hanging leg raises is still too difficult for you, try the Hanging Knee Raises. It’s still the same exercise, but you keep your knees bent. Eventually you will get strong enough to raise the whole leg.

Finally, try the exercise Ball Pike. This is just like the Exercise Ball Jackknives, but with a different edge to it. The steps are: put your shins and feet steadily on a  ball and completely extend outwards onto forearms until to a 100% push up position just looking like a bridge. Without bending your knees or arching your back, press your toes into the ball and (this is where it gets tricky) lift your butt into the air while contracting your lower abs. You should form an upside down “V” at the top. Lower yourself down slowly back into push up position. Repeat this exercise for 12-20 reps.

There, several exercises will get you on your way to an amazing looking stomach. Combine this with eating right and you shouldn’t have a hard time to accomplishing what you want and look great

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Best Ab Workouts

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Best Ab Workouts

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Best Ab Workouts

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Best Ab Workouts

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