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Best Android Tablet

Importance of tablet is increasing in our personal and professional life by the day. Having a powerful device in your hands at all times gives you the freedom to accomplish many tasks very easily. And most of the people prefer getting an Android-powered device. (See more electronic reviews here.)

Best Android Tablet

The popularity of this operating system (OS) has grown so much in the last decade that most of the other handheld OS has vanished from the market. So, let’s look at some of the benefits of buying an Android device.

  • Ease of use: This OS is incredibly easy to operate. Even the person who has never used it before can become an expert in the matter of hours. Also, it works very flawlessly. It does not get stuck easily. You can run a few applications simultaneously without affecting the processing speed.
  • So many devices: Because Android is an open-source OS, any tablet manufacturer can use it and modify it freely. And that’s what the manufacturers do. Most of the popular companies are selling Android tablets, which gives a wide range of options to choose from. You can get an expensive high-end device or a cheap device with just enough features, according to your need.
  • Google: This is single most significant reason for getting Android. Google owns it, so you get all the amazing services offered by them along with your device. With your Google account, you can sync all the important data onto your tablet and even on your phone.
  • Play store: Play store is the place where you get unlimited, unending supply of free and paid applications for Android. There is no task for which an application has not been made. In fact, app development is so easy that you can do it yourself.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4


Samsung is one of the first companies that made this OS popular, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is a great example of its brilliance. The touch is very smooth, display quality is sufficiently good and screen size is more than enough.

The different thing about Samsung’s tablets is that it is designed in width, while all the other tablets are in length. The price is around $300. See Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 review.

Kindle Fire HDX

Best Tablet for College

No other tablet has display quality as good as this one. With 2560×1600 pixel screen resolution, Kindle Fire HDX feels like the events are happening right in front of you. But the movies will be shown in high definition only if they are HD. The rear and front cameras are also very good. It is priced at $350. See Kindle Fire HDX review.

Dell Venue 8

Best Android Tablet

There is no need to tell anyone about the customer satisfaction of Dell. Who wouldn’t be happy if the company comes to their home to repair the device? Dell Venue 8 is brilliant because the features are not more than you would require. It makes the device cheap and the battery long lasting. You can buy it just for $200. See Dell Venue 8 review.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Best Android Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3  is a little old, but the features are good, and it is available at low cost because newer versions have been launched. It is a good choice for those who have a low budget and want a nice device. It is priced at $150. See Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 review.

Chromo Tablet

Best Android Tablet

No other tablet can match this one in looks. Chromo Tablet has a very sleek design, and the dual colour makes it look a little futuristic.

It is less for professional uses and more for entertainment purposes. The 7 inch screen size is neither too big nor too small for motion sensor games. The price of this device is $170. See Chromo Tablet review.

Alldaymall Tablet

Best Android Tablet

Alldaymall Tablet is a relatively new company, and it has become popular by launching unbelievably cheaper devices. You can buy this device for as low as $50 without compromising. It has got all the necessary things like dual cameras, Wi-Fi, etc. See Alldaymall Tablet review.

NeuTab N7 Pro

Best Android Tablet

NeuTab N7 Pro also is a nice cheap tablet with all the necessary features. It can also be bought at $50 but is much better in looks. It is ideal for people who do not need a tablet, but have a craze for buying electronic gadgets.

Dragon Touch

Best Android Tablet

Dragon Touch has a sleek design and a powerful processor. The touch is also very good. The display quality is just average, but the price makes up for that. It is priced at $55.

Asus MeMo Pad 7

Best Android Tablet

There is no match for Asus when it comes to hardware. The hardware of Asus MeMo Pad 7 is very strong, which makes it ideal for the reckless users. The price is $99.

Toshiba Excite Go

Best Android Tablet

The looks of  Toshiba Excite Go may be a bit old school, but the performance is surprisingly good. Available at $110.

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