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Best ASP.NET Books

Because ASP.NET is so powerful, stable and secure, it becomes the favorite of web developers to build websites. Hundreds of thousands of ASP.NET websites on the Internet today is the best proof. With ASP.NET techniques developing, books about it are growing too. Here, we sort out 10 ASP.NET books as the best ASP.NET book to help web developers master this high-end skill better.

Beginning ASP.NET

Best ASP.NET Books-Beginning ASP.NETASP.NET is a fast growing technology and Beginning ASP.NET keeps up with its developing step. So this book mainly introduces the latest ASP.NET 4.5 with a large number of examples as well as the well-arranged layout from the ease to the difficulty. As a result, readers will learn ASP.NET easier and know how to put this technology into real-world practices. Moreover, Beginning ASP.NET covers other advanced technologies to make readers know ASP.NET better. Brief contents of Beginning ASP.NET are in below:

  • Explanation to ASP.NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012
  • How to create active web pages with ASP.NET 4.5
  • Consistent web page design with CSS study
  • Programming issues including data, object orientation fundamentals, statements, variables and organizing code.
  • Suggestions for user control

Want more info, please come with Beginning ASP.NET.

ASP.NET in a Nutshell

Best ASP.NET Books-ASP in a NutshellASP in a Nutshell is a good book for web developers to learn about the up-to-date ASP.NET techniques. This book ranges almost every details related to ASP.NET that users will use to create websites and emphasizes on practical use of ASP.NET instead of just theory explanations. So readers will find out many practical cases in this book, which will help them understand this skill faster and easier. What this book refers:

  • How ASP.NET works with applications, web services, multiple controls and web pages
  • Handing with data including access and binding
  • Various types of class introduction, such as the HttpApplicationState Class and the Page Class
  • An overview of Namespace and illustrating a number of specific Namespace, like the System. Web Namespace

Go to ASP.NET in a Nutshell to know more details.

Fast ASP.NET Websites

Best ASP.NET Books-Fast ASP.NET WebsitesFast ASP.NET Websites is not an ASP.NET starting book instead it requires its readers to know concepts of ASP.NET, HTML and CSS. So if readers are completely new to this area, please choose other books. Beyond that, this book is crucially helpful for readers to improve their ASP.NET applying skills and perfect their apps and websites, because this book contains a plenty of ASP.NET technologies and real examples. With this book, readers will know:

  • The necessity of speeding up websites
  • The ways to optimize websites
  • A series of concrete ASP.NET techniques
  • A variety of practices with the advanced technologies like caching and compression

Click Fast ASP.NET Websites and look for more info.

Programming ASP.NET

Best ASP.NET Books-Programming ASP.NETProgramming ASP.NET is one of the best ASP.NET books, focusing on ASP.NET 3.5 techniques, AJAX and other useful features to set up dynamic web apps. Moreover, this book has a clear framework with lots of samples that readers will learn how to build complex web apps with ASP.NET skills written in this book. Programming ASP.NET refers a lot, consisting of:

  • Web development technologies including two version of ASP.NET, AJAX and visual Studio 2008
  • Concepts and types of controls
  • Website basic knowledge like the page class and state
  • Website configuration and deployment
  • How WCF improving web services

To know more details of this book, please access Programming ASP.NET.

Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns

Best ASP.NET Books-Professional ASP.NET Design PatternsThe Author Scott Millet tailors his book Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns for web users, making them learn to build web sites with tested patterns and design principles in the shortest time. On top of that, design rules and patterns in this book are exclusive for ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web forms. Moreover, users will benefit much from this book because rules, existing patterns and practice cases will solve the shortcomings in their own web pages and greatly improve web page quality. Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns has:

  • An overview of design principles and patterns
  • Setting up or better enterprise-class ASP.NET applications with patterns
  • Studying the case: the online business shop
  • The Gang of Four design patterns for making an improvement of ASP.NET code
  • All kinds of ASP.NET being able to utilize code models in this book

Please go with Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns for more details of this book.

ASP.NET Unleashed

Best ASP.NET Books-ASP.NET UnleashedASP.NET Unleashed stands out among a large number of ASP.NET guidance books since it published. Steven Walther wrote down every details referred to ASP.NET from programming fundamentals to comprehensive applying tools with his a great deal of web programming experience. So this book is not just for readers who have some experience in ASP.NET, but also for the newbie in this area. After finishing this book, readers will leverage their ASP.NET skill to a higher level. The details of this book:

  • ASP.NET on high-end features
  • The way to make use of ASP.NET in web apps
  • How to apply XML in ASP.NET web apps
  • Anatomy of web services
  • The relationship between ADO.NET with data access

Come with?ASP.NET Unleashed to get more useful information for your websites.

ASP.NET 24-Hour Trainer

Best ASP.NET Books-ASP.NET 24-Hour TrainerStill confused with concepts or steps for applying theories to build dynamic web pages written in ASP.NET books? ASP.NET 24-Hour Trainer here are specially tailored for readers, whoever are beginners or web developers, bringing both books and DVD tutorials for them better learning ASP.NET. As the book title shows, this book has the power of featuring readers with the advanced ASP.NET techniques within a short time. Besides, the ASP.NET MVC 2 and ASP.NET Web Forms Framework are included in every section. Readers will know:

  • The difference between Windows development and web development
  • Distinguishing the request lifecycle in ASP.NET MVC and the page lifecycle in ASP.NET Web Forms
  • Guidance to HTML assistant
  • Tutorials about session, profile and cookies
  • Guidance to server controls

Get interested in this book, please go to ASP.NET 24-Hour Trainer.

Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework

Best ASP.NET Books-Pro ASP.NET MVC FrameworkPro ASP.NET MVC Framework contains the latest web technologies, teaching web developers to build web apps based on the new ASP.NET MVC 4 platform. What’s more, this book provides readers with lots of programming patterns, so readers will easily receive the knowledge of full guidance to set up a dynamic business web app with the help of C# language and ASP.NET MVC 4. And this book is designed for readers with a fundamental learning about ASP.NET as well as C# language. What this book delivers:

  • ASP.NET MVC 4 introduction, consisting of MVC basics
  • New features of ASP.NET MVC 4
  • ASP.NET MVC Framework explanation
  • How to make good use of ASP.NET MVC 4 new features into real web apps building practice
  • Comparing the latest ASP.NET MVC with previous ASP.NET types on features

Want to find out more info? Please click Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework.

Professional ASP.NET AJAX

Best ASP.NET Books-Professional ASP.NET AJAXWeb pages are countless on the Internet for visitors nowadays, but only those well-designed pages have the more attraction to let visitors stop for them. Professional ASP.NET AJAX is just such one book, teaching experienced web developers to build their websites better with ASP.NET AJAX techniques. This book gives an instruction to put AJAX to existing apps, but also leads readers to combine ASP.NET and AJAX together to create new attractive web applications. This advanced Professional ASP.NET AJAX not only brings above benefits, but also the following:

  • Anatomy of AJAX and version 3.5 of ASP.NET
  • How to put ASP.NET AJAX to work with JavaScript
  • ASP.NET AJAX Client Library and comparisons with other libraries
  • ScriptManager use tutorials
  • How to create controls based on ASP.NET AJAX web apps

Click Professional ASP.NET AJAX to understand more detailed contents of this book.

ASP.NET MVC in Action

Best ASP.NET Books-ASP.NET MVC in ActionASP.NET MVC in Action is a high-level ASP.NET MVC course book, aimed at introducing ASP.NET MVC Framework and how to use MVC for apps. However, this book requires that readers can already create web apps using ASP.NET and C# language. But it will teach users to build their APS.NET MVC apps step by step, from the concepts of MVC to complete building process. In addition to that, one of the best advantages of this book is the study on various control containers. More contents in this book:

  • Giving an overview of ASP.NET MVC, including basics and framework
  • Illustrating AJAX with ASP.NET MVC by examples
  • The view comparison, fundamentals and use
  • How to utilize domain patterns in this book to design real-world apps
  • Routes guidance to ASP.NET MVC

For more useful information, just go to ASP.NET MVC in Action.

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