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Best Automation Testing Books

Given below are some of the best Automation testing books authored by award winning professors and writers. Whether you are a student or a working professional who wants to develop your automation testing skills, then you would want to take a look at the list. These books are written in simple language that can be understood by even novices.

Software Test Automation

Best Automation Testing books-Software Test Automation
Software Test Automation has been authored by two writers who are well known for their consultancy, seminars, and training in this field. Through this guide, you find out how you can implement and build an automated testing regime for software development. You are able to learn more on practical techniques for designing a good automated testing regime, advice on choosing and applying off-the-shelf testing tools, and automated testing.

You can also learn how to test automation basics, filters, pre- and post-processing, testing architecture, testing metrics, ROI, improving test maintainability, and more.

Agile Testing

Best Automation Testing books-Agile Testing
Agile Testing has been co-authored by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory, who are extremely talented writers in this field. In this book, you understand the role of a tester, why do you need to test software, and how to enhance your testing skills.

You come to know the tools which are required to perform testing, identify what needs to be tested, how you should do it, and how to get the best results.

This is the perfect book for teams, managers, testers, and customers.

Just Enough Software Test Automation

Best Automation Testing books-Just Enough Software Test Automation
Just Enough Software Test Automation is an excellent book which has been authored by Daniel J. Mosley and Bruce A. Posey, who are considered as pioneers in this field. Through this book, you come to know the basic principles of software test automation. You learn how you can manage and implement software test automation, and how to design.

You also find out how you can automate unit testing, implement a powerful data-driven testing framework, facilitate manual testing with automated tools, and integrate testing and system and regression testing.

Automated Software Testing

Best Automation Testing books-Automated Software Testing
Automated Software Testing is the perfect book on automated software testing. If you are student, working professional or teacher, you will find all the answers here. As software is being released in the market, it is crucial that they are tested properly before being sold.

The author wants to be sure that the quality of the product is known beforehand. The book provides a step-by-step guide on the best techniques, solutions, and methods to perform testing.

Experiences of Test Automation

Best Automation Testing books-Experiences of Test Automation
Experiences of  Test Automation provides you with case studies on how software test automation can be done. Written by two seasoned authors Dorothy Graham and Mark Fewster, the book is an ideal read for professionals in the field who want to improve their knowledge and skills.

Through this book, you find out how software testing has been done in simple and complex systems. You learn the methods which can give you the best results and what can lead you to failures. These help you to understand this field in a better manner.

Testing Computer Software

Best Automation Testing books-Testing Computer Software
Testing Computer Software, 2nd Edition helps you learn how you need to test software in real-world conditions to be able to get the required results. Unless you know how you can test your software, you will not be able to give your customers what they want. This is considered as an important trait in a tester according to the authors who have several decades of experience in testing field.

The book is for programmers, project managers, testers and test managers, and students. You can find out how you can find vital bugs immediately, describe software errors precisely, create a testing plan with a minimum paperwork, and others.

Chef Infrastructure Automation Cookbook

Best Automation Testing books-Chef Infrastructure Automation Cookbook
Chef Infrastructure Automation Cookbook is an exciting book that provides you with information on the latest server and cloud infrastructure. The book enables you understand how to deploy, configure, and scale your applications, automate tedious and error prone manual tasks, manage your servers on-site or in the cloud, and others.

The step-by-step guide helps you solve common problems related to server. Whether you are working for a large establishment or small business, having immediate solutions will help in the progress of your firm.

Implementing Automated Software Testing

Best Automation Testing books-Implementing Automated Software Testing
Implementing Automated Software Testing is one of the best books you can read about automated software testing. The book tells you how you can save time and lower your cost, by using tried and proven testing methods. The authors clearly explain few crucial success factors, how you can identify best practices, and tips to avoid pitfalls.

You understand how you can use automated software testing to benefit your business. You learn how you can design efficient test environments and track your progress and adjust accordingly.

Designing and Implementing Test Automation Frameworks with QTP

Best Automation Testing books-Designing and Implementing Test Automation Frameworks with QTP
Designing and Implementing Test Automation Frameworks with QTP offers you with an alternative approach for designing generic components for test automation. You find out how you can implement the frameworks using QTP. Through this book, you can understand the test automation lifecycle, know the basic features of QTP that help in creating frameworks, understand the types of framework, and more.

If you are a student, test automation engineer, tester, test architect, who wants to design and maintain automation frameworks, then this book, is meant for you.

Effective Software Test Automation

Best Automation Testing books-Effective Software Test Automation
Effective Software Test Automation gives you solutions to design your own automated software testing tool. Manually testing software can be time consuming and is error prone.

Some of the things that you can learn when reading this tutorial are generating a script to test all members of one class, using XML to store previously designed testing cases, using real and complete objects for integration testing, and others. This is the perfect book for designers, programmers, and testers.

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