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Best Biography Books

When you want to learn more about famous individuals who made a difference in the world, then you might want to read their biographies. The biographies help you find out more about them, their families, how they took passion in their work, how to they utilized their lives to the fullest to make their dreams come true.

Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs does not require any introduction. He was the founder of Apple which created some of the most iconic electronic products including the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and others, which are still in great demand, even today. Written by noted author Walter Isaacson, this is one of the best books you can lay your hands on when you are looking for motivation.

As you read the book, you find out more on Jobs personality and how he ensured that he got want he wanted. Such was his desire for perfection that he would make sure the products designed were totally perfect. Jobs would go to any lengths to get that done. Steve was known to have a bad temper when things did not go as planned.


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Unbroken is a book about athlete Louis Zamperini. Louis took part in the Berlin Olympics. However, he had to do job as airman during World War II. Unfortunately on 1943, as his Army Air Force airplane was over the Pacific Ocean, it crashed.

Louis survived and against all odds, enemies attacking from all sides, land far away thousands of miles, hungry sharks, and, beyond greater trials he managed to remain strong. The book comes with twenty inspiring new photos. Witten by Seabiscuit author Laura Hillenbrand this book is an excellent read for learning how to reach your goals no matter the obstacles.

Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

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Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy is an excellent book about how a group of insiders tried to break up the Third Reich. When Adolf Hitler wanted to eliminate the Jews of Europe, a pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer decided to take on the devil himself. You read two sides of him as a pastor and a spy.

You find out how he decided to leave the United States of America to come down to Germany to save his men. He took part in operation Valkyrie, which was plotted to kill Hitler. Written by Eric Metaxas, this is definitely worth reading.

John Adams

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John Adams is a gripping book on John Adams, who was the second president of America. The book talks about how the Yankee patriot fought for the American Revolution. He ensured that the country did not end up in war. You learn more about the personal life of Adams and his marriage to Abigail Adams.

Written by noted writer and historian David McCullough the book was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. You will read more on human nature, war and social issues, religious faith, love, virtue, ambition.

Anne Frank

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Anne Frank was found in her attic. This inspiring book is about Annie Frank who was a young girl during the Nazi occupation of Europe. When the Nazis were occupying Holland in 1942, where thirteen-year-old Jewish girl Annie lived, she and her family fled their homes from Amsterdam and moved into hiding.

But, their hiding location was revealed to the Gestapo. As you read the book, you learn about the sufferings people underwent because of the Nazi occupation. How they had to live in closed areas and were totally cut-off from society.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is a griping book on how experiments were conducted in Johns Hopkins Hospital during the 1950s. The freezers contained HeLa cells, taken from people living in Virginia. Henrietta’s family was involved in the experiments. However, they did not know the consequences under which these experiments were conducted.

Scientists who were researching on HeLa started to use her family with their consent. Brilliantly written by Rebecca Skloot, you learn more of these experiments using people without their consent and legal battles happening over what is consumed.

Benjamin Franklin: An American Life

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An American Life is about one of the founding fathers of the country. Readers are taken to his childhood and how it inspired him to understand the real problems which people faced in his country. How that motivated him to come up with laws which will benefit the middle class families.

You find out more on the new country’s alliance with France, the Declaration of Independence the treaty that ended the Revolution, and other laws which helped the nation develop.

Into the Wild

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Into the Wild is about the story of a young man, Christopher Johnson McCandless, decided to walk into the wild to find out more what nature had to offer to him. In April 1992, Christopher who was from a rich family decided to leave his wealth and possessions and proceed to the wilderness of Mt. McKinley.

He wanted to have a life for himself and donated $25,000 to charity burned the cash in his wallet. He body was found four later by a moose hunter. The book is a thrilling narrative of how young people need to be communicated well by their family.

Cleopatra: A Life

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Cleopatra: A Life is a beautiful book about Cleopatra and her life. She was considered to be the most powerful women during her time. No woman had the courage and power to do what she was able to do. She was married twice to brothers and designed a war between them. However, she had sex with only Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

You are taken into a world of treason and incest. She was popular for all the wrong reasons. Written by noted author Stacy Schiff, you are spell bound by her writing abilities on this powerful woman during her times.

The Glass Castle

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The Glass Castle  is a wonderful story about Jeannette Walls. She was brought up parents who were not responsible enough. Her parents had four children and used to often migrate in Southwest desert towns and camping in the mountains. Though both the parents were talented, they did not help in bringing up their children.

Jeannette realized that they had to feed themselves. She never minces her words about her parents whom she dearly loves. You learn on the powerful determination that was created within her to be able to achieve what she wanted.

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