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Best Blushes

Blushes are perhaps the trickiest part of makeup. A little bit more can make you look clownish while a subtle touch may not be noticeable. So, check out some useful tips and tricks to apply blush – a way that it looks natural and sexy.

How to Choose Blush

A pinch on the cheek will instantly show the color of the blush you need. A one-shade darker is what you will usually need. A beige color with slight pinkish tinge works wonders for all skins. Peach shade brightens up a fair skin while rosy pink shade with matte finish looks good on medium skin. For dark skin, rose color and deep oranges gives the subtle glow without making the face look pale or worn out.

Best Blushes

How to Apply Blush

Practically everyone using a blush will know that it is best to apply the blush on the apple of the cheek. However, depending on the contour of the face and skin color one has to extend the application a little more towards the temples or just on the cheek. Many users find it easy to put on the blush before applying the foundation as it looks more natural than the other way round. And, those dressing up for a romantic dinner should ideally put a romantic pink color with shiny powder as the highlight.

It is best to use is with a fan brush. Make sure that it should not look like a sloppy patch on the cheek – but, a subtle glow or a tinge. Newbie users should start applying with a cream-based blush that is typically a sheer and blends evenly in the skin. Don’t forget to consider the other makeup you are planning to use. If the face has many layers of makeup, make sure that lighter blush is applied. On the contrary, one should put on a heavy blush, if there is practically no makeup on the face.

With the aforesaid tips, let’s check out how some popular blushes are used by a fashionista.

Nars Orgasm Blush

Just a stroke of Nars Orgasn Blush will brighten up the face – naturally. The natural-looking silky blush is available in many shades, such as peachy pink. It is made up of transparent pigments that quickly sheers. A 0.16 oz will cost around $30.


Benefit Dandelion

Benefit Dandelion is a face powder ideally. But, the dusty powdery stuff when applied on the apple of the cheek perks up the face immediately. A pack of this 0.3 oz product costs around $30.

Best Blushes

Shu Uemura Glow On Blush – Soft Pink 335

Apply the Shu Uemura Glow On Blush and the face glows with a sexy appeal. Swirl brush on the quad palette and dust off the excess. Young ladies will especially love its smooth natural finish. Get a pack at $37.

Best Blushes

Tom Ford Cheek Color – Frantic Pink

A 0.28 oz only costs a whopping $70. However, with one coat, you can get the ‘Tom Ford’ look. The Tom Ford Frantic Pink has a subtle lusty pinkish appeal that gives an instant radiance to the face. There are traces of emollients that seep into the skin to make it soft and velvety.

Best Blushes

Sleek Blush – Life’s a Peach

Express your feelings to your love through the stunning and highly pigmented Sleek Blush. Make sure you apply it well for a dewy finish. The color of Life’s a Peach is really summery and young. Try innumerable shades at just $6 per piece to win your love.

Best Blushes

MAC Blush Powder – Desert Rose

Pick a 0.21 oz of MAC Blush at $20 and see the different in your skin. Use MAC brush and stroke a couple of times to see the exulting glow in the face. It is available in shimmer and matte finish.

Best Blushes

Giorgio Armani Cheek Fabric Sheer Blush – 507 Flesh

An uncommon shade that will at once give a velvety glow to your skin. The light-weight Giorgio Armani Blush sheers immediately with a long lasting radiance and color. Get a pack of 0.14 oz at a cost of $46.

Best Blushes

Becca Beach Tint – Watermelon

If you are unwilling to allow your blush to smear where kissed, here is a solution. The Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon variety at $30 for 0.24 oz from Becca is kiss-proof, dewy, yet non-greasy blush that gives a romantic pink shade.

Best Blushes

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Exposed

Look natural with the nude pink blush that stays for more than 12-hours. Naturally baked in Sun, the wonders of Amazonian clay can seen on the skin no sooner it is put on. A 0.2 oz Tarte Amazonian Clay blush costs around $26.

Best Blushes

Illamasqua Powder Blusher – Lover

Looking for a way to attract your partner? The blush from Illamasqua will brighten up your complexion and make your skin soft and radiant. The highly pigmented blush is an epitome of boldness and warmth. Illamasqua Lover is a peachy pink color works for any skin tone.

Best Blushes

So, whether you are going for a date or dressing up for your friend’s wedding, allow the finesse of blush to make you attractive and sexy.

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