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Best Books for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming, have you got a plan to spend the special day for lovers? Whatever your plan is, there’s always one thing you can do and should do together in this day, that is to share an exciting book together! Check out the following books perfect for Valentine’s Day now.

Written in My Own Heart’s Blood

Best Books for Valentine's Day

Written Own Hearts Blood Outlander by Diana Gabaldon is a continuation of her classic novel Outlander, a story about an ex-combat nurse in 1946 named Claire Randall who travels back in time when she walks through a stone circle in Scottish Highlands.

This book continues through the timeline and follows a variety of characters going through their own tragedy during their own times. This novel features passion, adventure as well as history that will keep readers craving for more.

Blood Magick

Books for Valentine's Day

Blood Magick is the third book Nora Roberts The Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy. Branna O’Dwyer embraces everything she has: she’s a proprietor of  The Dark Witch Shop, she has a close circle of friends and family as well as their cherished animals including her loyal hound. However, she is still missing something…love.

She had found it once, with a man named Finbar Burke, but history and blood keeps them from being together. Though they share passion for one another, there are no promises of a future. It is up to Fin to make the difference in a battle that has haunted their families for centuries.

Angels Walking

Best Books for Valentine's Day

Angels Walking is the first in a brand-new series by Karen Kingsbury. It is a story about a washed up baseball player named Tyler Ames who had lost everyone he loved during his journey to the big leagues, including his one true love Sami Dawson.

Due to some small miracles, Tyler finds himself working a maintenance job in a retirement home where he meets Virginia Hutcheson, an old woman with Alzheimer’s. Oddly, Virginia seems to have all the answers to the questions building inside of Tyler.

One Plus One

Best Books for Valentine's Day-one plus one

One Plus One by Jojo Moyes is about a single mom, her dysfunctional family, a more-than-unlikely knight in shining armor and an irresistible love story. Jess’s life has gone down the drain.

Her husband up and leaves her, her teenage stepson is being bullied and her genius daughter has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that Jess can’t pay for. Then, the obnoxious tech millionaire that Jess happens to clean for known as Geeky Ed comes to the rescue, supposedly. He has his own problems, but driving the broken family to the Math Olympia seems to be his first unselfish act, ever.

Festive in Death

Best Books for Valentine's Day-festive in death

Festive in Death by J.D.Robb follows Eve Dallas as she deals with a homicide and the holiday season at the same time. Personal trainer Trey Ziegler was in his prime when it came to his physical condition. Of course, a healthy diet and muscular body could stop him from his inevitable death-a knife.

It’s hard to narrow the suspects once Dallas discovers a lineup of women who’s been played with by the self-centered gym buff. While Dallas sorts through the list of potential criminals, she also has to deal with her Christmas shopping and the upcoming holiday party her and her billionaire husband are having. Can Dallas enjoy her holidays as well as stop a cold-blooded killer before the New Year?

The Paper Magician

Best Books for Valentine's Day

The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg follows Ceony Twill, a graduate student at Tagis Praff School for the Magically Inclined. Ceony has a problem, despite her dream of bespelling metal, she is assigned an apprenticeship in paper magic. And once she’s bonded to paper, that will be her only magic forever.

However, from the spells she learns from Thane they turn out to be rather marvelous, but extraordinary as well as they are forbidden magic. When an Excisioner invades the cottage and rips Thane’s heart out, it’s up to Ceony to face the evil magician and save his soul.

Before We Kiss

Best Books for Valentine's Day -before kiss

Before We Kiss by Susan Mallery is about a former pro-football, Sam Ridge, who has the worse luck with women. Then he meets Dellina Hopkins. She looks harmless enough, until he follows her home and finds a room fixated on securing a man. Dellina wasn’t looking for anything long term, but had hoped to spend at least one night with Sam before he ran off. Their paths cross again when Sam’s firm hires Dellina to help plan an event. As time passes, the two grow close once more.

Gone Girl

Best Books for Valentine's Day-gone girl

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn follows the story of Nick Dunne, who searches for his wife after she disappears before their fifth wedding anniversary. Nick is under everyone’s suspicious watching eyes, the police, the media, even Amy’s parents. Everyone has the same question on their mind-what happened to Amy? In spite of his behavior, could Nick really be a killer?

Love Me Sweet

Best Books for Valentine's Day-love me sweet

Love Me Sweet by Tracy Brogan showcases Delaney Masterson, the child of famous parents and a reality TV show, and the complete opposite of what society has claimed her to be. Until an old boyfriend leaks out a private video, now Delaney’s really under the media’s watchful eye.

She escapes to Bell Harbor, Michigan during a horrible winter storm and meets Grant Connelly, an adventure show cameraman who returned to Bell Harbor due to a family obligation. When certain circumstances cause the two together on an unexpected road trip, emotions flair. However, Delaney is hiding a secret that could tear them apart.

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