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Best Books on Economics

Are you looking for books on Economics? Are you a student who wants to learn more about Economics? If that is so, then you might want to go through the list given below. Listed are some of the best books on Economics written by authors like Napoleon Hill and John Perkins, who are considered as some of the best in this field.

Currency Wars

Best Books on Economics

Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis has been authored by James Rickards. Jack feels that the political influence on democratic financial matter are ruining the economy of America. He indicates very clearly that the next financial collapse is going to have far worse consequences than the one witnessed.

It is unfortunate that many Americans are not aware about the dangers that they are likely to face. This book offers you the information that you need to know about the players and the forces which are involved and can put you in a financial ball of fire in the near future.

This time, you have been warned.

Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Best Books on Economics
In the book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, the author, Thomas Piketty provides you with an analysis of data taken from the eighteenth century as well as the current market, to understand various social and economic patterns. Thomas through his analysis tries to set a debate to the current generation about inequality and wealth.

He feels that the root cause for inequality is the tendency of returns that often exceeds the economic growth which causes discontent among the people who undervalue the democratic values. The author insists that political actions have always played a big role in causing inequality.

Thomas Piketty works as a professor in the Paris School of Economics which is considered as one of the best schools in Economics in the world.

Nickel and Dimed

Best Books on Economics

Barbara Ehrenreich has authored Nickel and Dime. The author, in the year 1998, decided to join the work force, like millions of Americans do, to find out the darker side of the so-called prosperity. According to welfare reform, it promised workers that any job can provide them a better life.

She decided to try it out. The author accepted the jobs she was offered. She worked in several states including Minnesota, Maine, and Florida. Barbara did several jobs including hotel maid, cleaning woman, waitress, a nursing-home aide, and even as a Wal-Mart sales clerk. She learnt that no job is unskilled and needs a certain amount of hard work and effort.


Best Books on Economics

Freakonomics has been written by Stephen J. Dubner, who is an award-winning author and journalist and Levitt. They put forward several questions like, which is the more dangerous among, a gun or a swimming pool? What are the things common with sumo wrestlers and schoolteachers?

How much the parents are really matter? These questions might not seem important to many of you. But for Steven D. Levitt, they are vital in knowing the actual truth. Through these questions, he tries to find answers to life including sports, cheating, parenting, and others.

As you read, you feel that their story is very powerful. You find out that how people make sure they get what they need, when others are in need of the same item.

Flash Boys

Best Books on Economics

Flash Boys has been authored by Michael Lewis. In this story, a group of wall street bankers have found out that the stock market has been rigged to benefit a few people. During the financial crisis, the markets are being controlled by the wall street banks. Though they work in different firms, they decide to set things straight in the market.

Each character comes with their own personality that makes the story more enjoyable to read. The author tries to highlight the dark secrets which are happening even today.

The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine

Best Books on Economics
The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine is about the stock market in the United States of America crashing and the after effects. As you know the market crashed in the year 2008. However, a silent crash had taken place in the previous year itself, which was hardly noted.

The author tries to question who knew this market, which makes several billion dollars, would crash and cause so much chaos. The story has plenty of humor with seriousness added to it. This kind of style cannot be found in many books which are probably the reason, his are best sellers.

The Signal and the Noise

Best Books on Economics

The Signal and the Noise has been written by Nate Silver. The book comes with several cases and develops intuition, which is crucial when you want to take decisions or be able to forecast results. The book is all about statistics.

If statistics is your favorite read, then you have a winner here. It provides you with real-world experiences and data-driven models which helps you to improve your decision making abilities.

This book is ideal for those who are interested in science, want information on economics and develop their predication abilities.

Think and Grow Rich

Best Books on Economics

Think and Grow Rich has been written by one of the best authors in our time, Napoleon Hill. Before writing the book, the author researched on more than forty millionaires to learn more them and understand what them different from others. The book provides you with knowledge on how you can think and act like them.

As you read the book, you learn how you too can be different from others and implement those ideas in your life. It helps you live with an edge over other people.

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Best Books on Economics

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is authored by John Perkins, who is the CEO of an alternative energy company and is a writer. He is the author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, which was a New York Times bestseller. This book too has all the ingredients in it to become a best seller. As the presidential elections are around the corner, several topics are up for debate. He has interviewed several reporters, CIA operatives, businessmen, and other activists to find out their thoughts on.

Several vital questions have been raised. Through this book, he tries to address through questions on how we can have a more stable and peaceful world.

Liar’s Poker

Best Books on Economics

Liar’s Poker is written by well-known author Michael Lewis. The author is known for his humor and shrewdness which is evident throughout the book. In the book, he tells his readers how he rose through the ladders quickly.

As a Salomon Brothers trainee to a bond salesman in two years is not a joke. He beautifully describes the atmosphere in the stock market. The author also describes how he was able to generate millions of dollars for his firm and land a decent job, among the top guns.

Business students should read this book as it provides you with valuable information on things work in the stock market.

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