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Best C# Books

Are you a C programmer? Are you looking for great pieces of knowledge on C? Here is the top 10 best selling books on C.

Programming C#5.0

Top 10 Best Selling Books On C#-Programming C#5.0Building Windows 8, Web and Desktop Applications for the .Net 4.5 Framework

Ian Griffiths Programming C#5.0 is a complete book. In its omnibus size the book contains using XAML for Windows 8 application development, scalability, responsive application development, multithreading, parallel processing, in memory object models, database, XML, error handling, dynamic and static C#.

Head First C#

Top 10 Best Selling Books On C#-Head First C#

Head First C#  from Jennifer Greene and Andrew Stellman is an important book in this list that will help you understand how to create fun games. Besides building games and other applications, the book details on XAML aspects of making lucrative designs and adding interactivity to pages and windows.

The book also contain details about Windows Presentation Foundation, model view – view model patterns, architecture and Visual studio emulator. Published by O’Rielly Media the Head First C# is a heavy book with more than a thousand pages.

Microsoft Visual C#

Top 10 Best Selling Books On C#-Microsoft Visual C# 2013 Step by Step

John Sharp’s Microsoft Visual C# 2013 Step by Step is a paperback published by the Microsoft Press. The eight hundred plus pages book details how to create and debug the C# applications, how to work with variables, operators, methods, identifiers and statements, how to check in Visual Studio 2013, interface creations, abstract class definition, robust coding for handle and catch exceptions, Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework, touch screen, input gesture and so on. The book will be ideal companion is making your first Windows 8 app.

C# 5.0 Unleashed

Top 10 Best Selling Books On C#-C# 5.0 Unleashed

C# 5.0 Unleashed from Bart De Smet is a book that helps everyone to learn C from its very basic knowledge. The book entails chapters’ details information on .NET platform, its libraries, tools and the language supports.

The book also details the scope for C#, expressions, types, operators, objective methods and management of each of them. The book is more object focused therefore all the write-ups inside of it are object oriented. The writer has also covered delegation, collection, reflection, LINQ, express queries, Dynamic Language Runtime, namespaces, application details and domains and assemblies.

Murach’s C#2012

Top 10 Best Selling Books On C#-Murach’s C#2012

Murach’s C#2012 by Anne Boehm and Joel Murach is among the best selling books of all time. The content plan for the book rightly covered some important aspects that every developer faces.

The nearly nine hundred page book details on object oriented programming, database programming, application development, page formats involving syntax, screen shots and other vital codes. The book can stay as highly helpful to those developers who learn from their mistakes.

C#5.0 Pocket Reference

Top 10 Best Selling Books On C#-C#5.0 Pocket Reference Instant Help for C#5.0 Programmers

C#5.0 Pocket Reference is the summary version of their top best seller book for C. The pocket edition lists all C fundamentals, with operator overload, type constraints, covariance, nullable types and operator lifting.

The list also has lambda expressions, closures, contravariance iterators, LINQ, lazy execution, query operators, dynamic binding and code and pointers. While you may not get the specific case solution for your situation but surely the book contains more than enough tricky aspect to make your work easier.

C# Design Pattern Essentials

Top 10 Best Selling Books On C#-C# Design Pattern Essentials

C# Design Pattern Essentials by Tony Bevis is a paperback edition from the publisher Ability First Limited. So, far we have reviewed many books and all had a similarities with their content, however, the one we are reviewing now is slightly different.

It does not focus on giving you all from the all. Instead the book details on the design pattern – the most important part in C# coding and development. A total of 23 patterns are described here with practical example and interpretations.

Fundamentals of Computer Programming with C#

Top 10 Best Selling Books On C#-Fundamentals of Computer Programming with C#

The next book in our list of top 10 best selling books on C# is the Fundamentals of Computer Programming with C# written by Svetlin Nakov. It is a digital book, available as Kindle ready format. The book covers abstruction, queue, arrays, numeral systems, hash tables, associative arrays, sorting algorithm, interfaces, encapsulation, combination, conditional statements, control flow logic, stack, loops, .NET, .NET framework – ah this will become too big a list, assume all important aspects are there from linear data structure to methods, graphs, balanced tree and so on.

C# in Depth

Top 10 Best Selling Books On C#-C# in Depth

The second bestselling book in our list is the C# in Depth from Jon Skeet. Currently its third edition is up for you and the book chapters details changing C3 development and core aspects.

It also puts sections on generics parameterization, nullable types, fast track delegates, implementing iterators, data access, compiler, expression trees, lambda expressions, extension methods, query expressions, LINQ to objects, LINQ in details and code simplification. The book published from the Manning Publications reflects the geniuses Jon gathered from his twenty years profession.

C#5.0 in a Nutshell

Top 10 Best Selling Books On C#-C#5.0 in a Nutshell The Definitive Reference

Our top most recommended and the number one best selling book for C# is the C#5.0 in a Nutshell by Joseph Albahari and Ben Albahari. We previously listed their pocket reference book and now this is the main book that details everything you can name from C#.

The best part of the book is, it is not a beginners tutorial but it is a reference material. You cannot expect it to solve all your problems but you get enlightened with the book content. The C#5.0 in a Nutshell is no less than an academic and professional marvel reference for everyone.

In reviewing these books, it is sure that you have the great scope to be benefited from them. While you may not require all of them but the review is helpful to make you realize which one should you decide to learn more. That’s it.

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