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Best Cheap eBook Reader

So you have seen shiny e-book readers with your pals and think it is time to get one for yourself. Although there are multiple criteria to be brought under considered while choosing an e-book reader one factor often outweighs the rest – Cost of the e-book reader.

Let’s face it an e-book reader is a ‘nice to have’ commodity and may even become an imperative in the near future.

The undeniable truth remains that e-book readers would never qualify as a bare minimum as is the case with most of other electronic devices we purchase.Currently, there are more than a dozen e-readers available in the market and after shuffling through all of them, we have picked three worthy candidates. These devices deliver the best e-book reading experience while not burdening your pocket much.

Kindle – $79

Best Cheap eBook Reader

New touch enable Kindle from Amazon is available at a steal away price for $79 and is a testament to Amazon responding to market competition and pricing pressure. Kindle already has a loyal fan following, and the new Kindle is about to explode the user base like never before. There are a number of new exciting features: (See complete Kindle review here)

  • Revolutionary touchscreen display – Apart from delivering the distinct advantages of a touchscreen, the new displays reads like paper and has been specially crafted to stay away from the too glossy look. The otherwise popular glossy screens are best avoided on e-book readers since they tend to display words that look like pixels and depreciates your reading experience.
  • Exclusive features – Amazon has been renowned for its marketing genius and content uniqueness. The new Kindle is not untouched by this spirit and features – Kindle Freetimeapp, Brand new Vocabulary Builder app, Word Wise, Goodreads integration and much more value add goodies.
  • Enhanced on Device Storage – In the past, there has often been a debate over product companies are exploiting the customers by providing cheap storage space on the machines. As this move forces users to utilize the paid cloud-based storage. Although no amount of space would be enough to store a lifetime worth of books, new Kindle as doubled its internal storage to take away a lot of complaints. It now comes in a 4GB version which is huge if you plan on downloading thousands of books.
  • Small page processing time – The nagging lag, when you wrench from one page to another, is virtually unnoticeable in the new Kindle. The brand new powerful processor chip makes it up to 20% faster than its predecessor.

Nook Simple Touch – $63.41 (75% off)

Best Cheap eBook Reader

With the recent price cut to $65 Nook Simple Touch has regained its position as one of the leading e-book readers in today’s market. While it offers a multitude of features, below are some of the noteworthy ones considering the relatively lighter price tag: (See complete Nook Simple Touch review here)

  • Incredible touchscreen – Nook has always demonstrated their commitment towards consistently improving on the touch screen experience in order to compete with Kindle and other competitors. With Nook Simple Touch, they have finally reached a spot where there is no doubt that this device can serve the most premium segment users in the e-book world. The touchscreen is very responsive and well lit which makes reading books or watching movies joy.
  • Form factor – Nook simple touch is lighter and thinner than its predecessor with dimensions -5 x 5 x 7 inches and weight at 12.8 ounces. Even after reducing the weight and size Nook has managed to improvise the battery life on this model and takes the crown for this feat.
  • Advanced E-ink based display – This is a section where Nook has always held a dominant stand and has not lost it with the Nook simple touch. The e-ink based display is truly comparable to a paper-book, and this is what makes the Nook reading experience so rewarding.

Kobo Mini – $79

Best Cheap eBook Reader

Kobo has always been a path breaking brand when it comes to manufacturing e-book readers that are lighter on the pocket and still offer premium features. Kobo Mini is another product that pays tribute to its lineage.  The new Kobo mini is a risky investment due to reducing the de-facto screen size from 6 inches (standard on most devices including Kindle) to 5 inches. Thereby creating one of the world’s smallest and lightest e-reader. At $79, Kobo Mini is a steal considering that in spite of a smaller display this model does not lack any of the features that we have come to expect from an e-book reader. (See complete Kobo Mini  review here)

  • Attractive design – Although Kobo compromised on the screen size with the 5 inch version they seem to have done their homework. 5 inches does not hurt too much in the reading department and scores big pluses in the size, weight and cost unit.
  • Impressive display – The trademark e-Ink display continues to provide all the benefits that you would expect from a 5 inch screen reader – Easy on the eyes, readable under the sunlight, easy on the battery. The reading experience on the Kobo mini is not inferior to its predecessor, although the 5 inch screen does have a getting used in period.
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