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Best Database Design Books

Database design is an important function for computer scientist and application developers. The real challenge in database design is not always limited into addressing the data properly per requirement but also in designing the data processing and analysis and in interpretation. Our list of top 10 best selling books on database design is therefore focused on giving you an all-rounder go with database design and development.

SQL Antipatterns

Top 10 Best Selling Books On Database Design-SQL Antipatterns Avoiding the Pitfalls of Database Programming
SQL Antipatterns
 by Bill Karwin is a popular book on the subject with focus on rounding errors, phamtom files, index shotgun, fear of the unknown, random selection, spaghetti query, sql injection, magic beans, see no evil and ambiguous groups.

The book is available in paperback as well as Kindle supported format. Published by Pragmatic Bookshelf the SQL Antipatterns contain more than three hundred pages filled with valuable content and been reviewed by industry experts.

Database Modeling and Design

Top 10 Best Selling Books On Database Design-Database Modeling and Design Logical DesignThe Database Modeling and Design  is currently available under its fifth edition and jointly authored by Toby J. Teorey, Sam S. Lightstone and Tom Nadeau. Published by Morgan Kaufmann the Database Modeling and Design content include object oriented and relation database systems.

It has covered Rational Data Architect, XML, LAMP, AllFusion Erwin Data Modeler, PowerDesigner of Sysbases. The book will be real help for one looking to get real world usage of the subject matter in depth level. You can buy the book both in the paperback and Kindle formats.

Database Design and Relational Theory

Top 10 Best Selling Books On Database Design-Database Design and Relational Theory Normal Forms and All That Jazz

Database Design and Relational Theory is a paperback classic on database design and management by C. J. Date from O’Reilly Media. The book explains few important concerns regarding Heath’s theorem, orthogonal design principles, JDs reducibles and irreducible, dependency preservation matter and data redundancy avoidance.

The focus is more on orienting the readers on the theoretical aspects of database design and management.

Database Design for Mere Mortals

Top 10 Best Selling Books On Database Design-Database Design for Mere MortalsA Hands-On Guide To Relational Database Design
Database Design for Mere Mortals
  by Michael J. Hernandez is available in three different formats including Kindle and paperback. Currently the second edition is available for purchase and published by Addison Wesley Professional.

The book has received acclaimed reviews and feedback from reputed experts from University of South Australia, Michael Blaha, Proces Control Development of Dow Chem, and so on. The topics discussed in the book are relational database concepts, data integrity, null values, designing database, how to’s, table relationships, data variances, keys and software construction.

Beginning Database Design: From Novice to Professional

Top 10 Best Selling Books On Database Design-Beginning Database Design From Novice to Professional
Beginning Database Design 
 by Clare Churcher is from Apress and currently running the second edition in Kindle and paperback. Compared to other books we discussed here the Beginning Database Design: From Novice to Professional is much more focused.

Its content plan covered the most common designing pitfalls, case specific project managements skills with requirements, data model design, generalization and specialization, security aspects, flexibility in design, relationships, keys, constraints and relational scheme implementation.

Given the book’s focus on practical considerations, you will have a good ground level understanding on database design if you have no prior knowledge on the subject.

Database Processing

Top 10 Best Selling Books On Database Design-Database Processing Fundamentals, Design and Implementation
Database Processing
 by David Kroenke and David J. Auer is an already acclaimed book across the globe. The publisher Prentice Hall is running the 13th edition of the approx. seven hundred pages book. And it is only available as hardcopy.

The heavy piece of book will give detail knowledge about modeling and simulation, data and information visualization and database design. According to the publisher, the 13th edition has lots of information updated to reflect the very latest from the industry.

Data Modeling by Example

Top 10 Best Selling Books On Database Design-Data Modeling by Example Volume One
Data Modeling by Example
 by Barry Williams is a kindle only book that details ER Diagram, SQL, referencing, sustainable database solution, access, entities and others. It is more like a complete manual than a reference book. It is written completely on practical perspective and goes on with explaining case by case examples.

You will love it if you already have clearer theoretical understanding of data modeling. The Data Modeling by Example contains few hundred pages in its Kindle only format and each page details solutions to problems.

Six Step Relational Database Design

Top 10 Best Selling Books On Database Design-Six Step Relational Database Design A step by step approach to relational database design and development outlines Crow’s foot relational model diagram, and various case studies

Fidel A Captain’s Six Step Relational Database Design outlines Crow’s foot relational model diagram, and various case studies. Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, the book is a result of personal endeavor and details the database theory, its modeling and implementation.

It advocates for a six steps process to establish relation between each of the fundamental steps. We must say this book can work as your leisure reading to provoke your thoughts in the subject matter.

Database Design for Mere Mortals

Top 10 Best Selling Books On Database Design-Database Design for Mere Mortals A Hands on Guide to Relational Database Design
Next book in terms of popularity, authority and sales is the book we already discussed earlier here. This one is Database Design for Mere Mortals It is available in Kindle and paperback format and Michael J. Hernandez. While the book contains more or less same parts like in its earlier edition but in the latest edition they are put with more updated information and more newer information.

Beginning Database Design Solutions

Top 10 Best Selling Books On Database Design-Beginning Database Design Solutions
Our top most recommendation and the bestselling book in our list is Rod Stephen’s Beginning Database Design Solutions from Wrox. The book contains more than five fifty pages to describe how tos on avoiding common design mistakes, easing maintenance and support, designing flexibility, designing robust database, adaptive design, application design relationship with database design, techniques, fine tuning, refining, relational database, flat files, spreadsheets, XML, entity relational models, user interface and etc. The book is real good one that you should have.

Review our list of the top 10 bestselling books on database design to deeply understand which one can best fit your requirement and which can meet your demand. End of the day, it will be the same story for everyone, a book will be your great companion if it can help you to open up your third eye in database design. So, enjoy the books.

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