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Best Earbuds

best earbuds 2014

It’s quite common to see iPod or smartphone users with ear-buds tucked in their ears. Portable, these gadgets don’t take up space and can be slipped inside pockets and again flipped out even in a crowded bus. But, made of hard plastic, these are little uncomfortable for long hours. Unlike in-ear monitors which fit into the ear canal, ear-buds only fit on the ear opening. Let’s check the Best ear-buds of 2014, especially those which don’t cause too much discomfort and gives you clarity in sound and rhythm.

Beyerdynamic 716413 MMX 102 iE 

Available in black or silver colors, the gizmo is from a prestigious audio products manufacturer, Beyerdynamic. It is made up of neodymium HD acoustic drivers that offer just the bass and treble one need. There is a mini jack socket and three pairs of ear tips. There is also a VoIP adapter and a cable clip to connect with the web. The cost of the gizmo is $139. However, some e-shops offer them at a lower rate.

Best earbuds 2014

Sennheiser IE80 Headphone

From a well-known brand, the IE80 is powered by neodymium magnetic driver. The dynamic speaker system provides noise isolation of 20db and supports wide frequency range. It is designed for comfortable listening experience. The durable gizmo is little pricey and costs $449. However, one can get then at a discounted rate.

Best earbuds 2014

Shure SE535-V Triple

This HD earphone is powered by MicroDriver and has a metallic alloy, bronze detachable cable. It is also equipped with a hard zip case, adapter for flights, and ¼-inch adapter. There are options for volume control and nozzle cleaning. Rich in bass, the gizmo costs around $550.

Best earbuds 2014

Denon Music Maniac  (AH-C250)

This ear-bud is run by single-balance armature drivers. The sound seems perfect with transparency. The gizmo priced at $220 is made up of a strong zinc die-cast housing. The double-solid silicon tips make it a useful ear-bud that cancels noise to a large extend and gives a comfortable feel.

best earbuds 2014

AKG K3003I  (Black/Silver)

Priced at a whopping $1,500, this ear-bud is driven by balanced armature drivers that ensure high clarity and filigree in sound. The drivers are compatible for K3003s, which allow high audio detailing at midrange and treble. The diaphragm is good enough to provide low bass quality along with a considerable support from the drivers. So, here’s a piece giving excellent quality sound but at a high price.

best earbuds 2014

Monster iSport Victory 

At just $170, this gizmo is a popular buy among those who love to hear songs or music just for relaxation and entertainment. The ear-buds have SportClip that ensures that the buds stay on the ears. The gizmo offers complete noise isolation and can be washable. The ear-bud is compatible with ControlTalk in-line MIC that is necessary for mobile devices, such as smartphones and iPods. So, one can simply connect the ear-buds and listen to music seamlessly.

best earbuds 2014

Powerbeats2 Wireless (Black)

The ear-bud has flexible ear clips to stay secured on the ears. There is an adjusted neckband that secures comfortably on the neck. The driver ensures that the sound is clear with deep bass. So, at $200, one can get that ‘thumping’ sound on the heart that usually accompanies jazz music.

best earbuds 2014

Audio Technica ATHCKS77BK 

Equipped with a solid bass system that allows sound with a wide frequency range to be heard with great clarity and detailing, the portable ear-buds from Audio-Technica is popular among audiophiles. Costing only $120, the gizmo allows sound isolation with its unique design. There are double aired chambers which produce richer bass. The 12.5mm direct diaphragm ensures that the audio production is detailed. The titanium-based gizmo is durable as well.

best earbuds review

Etymotic Research ER-4PT MicroPro  (Black)

At around $300, the ear-buds with assortment of ACCU-Fit ear-tips ensure a high degree of noise isolation. Meant for sound engineers or singers recording songs in a studio, the gizmo is comfortably designed and has ¼- inch adapter. There is also an airline adapter. The ear-buds have been prepared after a lot of research work.

best earbuds 2014

Grado GR10 

Grado audio product is not a new kid in town. Priced at around $400, the GR10 ear-bud has been created by immense craftsmanship by the Grado family. There is a wide bandwidth moving armature that ensures users listen to the natural sound. The air sealing is quite good which ensures deep bass is heard with clarity and depth.

best earbuds 2014

Some ear-buds are designed well to ensure that outside noise percolates less and there is clarity in the audio. The cost of the ear-buds depends on the technologies that have gone in preparing the gizmo. The design and material used in the ear-buds also matter. So, take your pick keeping in mind your requirements and budget you have set aside for them.

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