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Best Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is an essential part of the makeup for ladies who love to deck up before stepping out from their homes. However, it is not easy to put an eye shadow as one must know what color to put on and how to apply it. The eye shadow must blend with the eye liner and match with the color of the eye, skin tone, and hair. One may change the color gradation depending on the occasion where one is decking up.

Applying an eye shadow should be done carefully by using a primer, neutral base, crease color, and the highlighter. If it is for the night party, one can apply an extra highlighter or make is smokey. If the party is during the day, the makeup must be toned down.

The color of the eye shadow must be selected keeping in mind the color of the eyeball. For instance, bronze eye shadow is best for blue eyes, dark purple for green eyes, grey for brown eyes, dark greenish for hazel colored eyes, and so on. And, eye shadows work well it is applied artistically, even though it can be darker shade as against a lighter skin tone.
Here is a quick peek on the best eye shadows in the market.

Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow

The Japanese eye shadow is a four-in-one palette of different shades of skin tones and colors. Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow is one the highest quality eye shadows in the market. The silicon-coated powders stay for long hours. The amino acid-coated pigments do not damage the skin cells. The eye shadow evenly spreads on the eyelids – giving depth and sensuous appeal to the eyes. The product is sold in the market at a cost of $178.

Best Eye Shadow

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad has four shades, such as sheer sparkle, shimmer, satin, and matte. These give various types of look – from bold to smokey and seductive. The shades complement one another giving a unique finish to the eyes. Those experienced with eye shadows can deck up with unique shade fidelity. Ten such eye shadows are available in the market at a cost of $114 each.

Best Eye Shadow

Christian Dior 5 Color Designer All in One Artistry Palette

Christian Dior 5 Color Designer All in One Artistry Palette consists of a creamy base, iridescent eye shadow, highlighter, eyeliner, two applicators, and tips from Dior. This allows you to give a personal touch to your makeup and one can put on the eye shadow depending on the mood and ambience of the occasion. One palette costs about $58.

Best Eye Shadow


Lorac Pro Palette is for glamorous women. There are 16 ultra-pigmented eye shadows, mini primer. There are 8 matte shades and 8 shimmers. The eyes look velvety and the face looks sensuous. Especially for night parties, the palette allows you to create many looks in a jiffy. One palette costs $42.

Best Eye Shadow

Nars Duo Eye Shadow

The eye shadow with micro-fine powders easily blend with the skin tone. Nars Duo Eye Shadow can be used wet or dry and with suitable primers to make it long lasting. The eye shadow can be used for highlighting, or lining – apart from shading. The longwearing crease resistant eye shadow costs $48.

Best Eye Shadow

Lunasol Velvetful Eyes Eyeshadow

Lunasol Velvetful Eye Shadow is meant for monotone makeup that looks velvety and lustrous. The shiny highlight can be put on the entire eyelid while the deep main color can be put on the crease area. There are also matte and velvety varieties. Used in various combinations, the product costs $50.

Best Eye Shadow

Mac Eye Shadow

Many ladies want a skin tone eye shadow that can give the sensuous and young look without highlighting the makeup. Mac single color eye shadow is kept in a good looking box. The shadow gives a subtle appeal to the look that is long lasting. This eye shadow is sold at $18.

Best Eye Shadow

Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadow

Young teens going on a date would love putting on this eye shadow that gives a bold metallic sexy look. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadow stays for long hours and remains intense all throughout. The creamy gel must be taken in little amount and daubed over the eye lids carefully. One can own this eye shadow gel for only $6.

Best Eye Shadow

Sleek I-divine Eye Shadow Palette

There are 12 shades of the pigmented eye shadow that address to all types of skin tones and all occasions in Sleek i-Divine Eye Shadow Palette. There is a matte dark shade which especially gives a smokey appeal. The long lasting eye shadow costs about $12.

Best Eye Shadow

The Balm The Nude ‘Tude Naughty Eye shadow Palette

The eye shadow also has 12 unique shades that address nude makeup. In other words, the eye shadow gives a natural appeal without showing off that the makeup has been applied. The Balm The Nude ‘Tude Naughty Eye shadow Palette costs $21.36.

Best Eye Shadow

So, hope you can find the best eyeshadow for you skin tone and also your budget.

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