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Best Headphone

best headphone

Walking around on the street, you can see more and more people waking with headphones, it seems the small gizmo has been an important part of our daily lives. There now have different types of headphones, the most popular types are Circumaural, Supra-aural, Open or closed back and ear-fitting headphones. Every type has its own sound reproduction characteristics. So here we select the best headphones to fulfill all the demand from all kinds of customers.

Before you see the first list, take a deep breath, many of these headphones cost over $1000 and should not be handled as a normal one. But to respect their prices, these headphones all boast extraordinary sound, build quality and comfort. If you are purchasing the extreme sound quality and money is no object your headphone shopping experiences, see headphones below.

Sennheiser HD 800

Found in 1945, the Germany Company has become a leading professional manufacturer in headphones. The sound from Sennheiser HD 800 is extremely precise without much noise, It is equipped with the latest technologies that ensure deep bass and excellent treble in the sound. Sensitivity of this gizmo is at 102db. There is no noise isolation as well. Additionally, the ergonomic design also makes the headphone very comfort to wear. The attractive and high quality headphone costs a whopping $1,500. Although there will be less takers for this price, yet the gizmo offers a captivating experience through its sound quality and detailing. If you want to see more, please check Sennheiser HD 800

best headphone

Demon AH-D7100

As one of the oldest audio makers in the world, Demon AH-D7100 will not bring down his reputation. The headphone is designed for the travelers who love to listening music on the way. This powerful and sensitive gadget can give listeners a comfortable listening experience. At a price of around $1,000, the headphone is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you can shell out this amount for a headphone, it is right here. If you want to see more, please check Demon AH-D7100

best headphone

Grado PS1000e

First sight on Grado PS1000e is quit a unique design. When listening with Grodo PS1000e, it makes you feel like a king. But this gizmo is not a tiny bear, The Grado product is expected to be pricey because of the attention it gets to get built up. A Grado Pro model, PS1000e costs around $1,700. If you want to see more, please check Grado PS1000e

best headphone

Beyerdynamic T5p

The Beyerdynamic T5p is powered by the ‘Tesla’ technology where highly potent magenetic impulse is propelled into the system. So the gizmo has a low degree of harmonic distortion and more quality in the music. In order to meet the demands of the Tesla technology, the Beyerdynamic T5p is covered with full metallic but it is just 350g. At whooping $1,399 the headphone is pricey indeed. But as the name suggests, it is a Beyerdynamic product that is meant for audiophiles. If you want to see more, please check Beyerdynamic T5p

best headphone


Shure SE846-CL

This is compact and small designed earphone. Unlike other headphones design, Shure SE846-CL has been manufactured into an in-ear style. But Shure is not going to compromised in sound quality. The ‘Patent-Pending’ design allows low frequencies to pass through which enhance the performance of the bass. Now, the gizmo at $1000, there is no doubt this earphone is pricy, but it still attracts people to buy it. If you want to see more, please check Shure SE846-CL

best headphone

Beats Pro

At the price around $ 400, Beats Pro may be the best choice to balance the sound quality and pricing. The headphones from Beats are always attractive, so does the Beats Pro. If you want to see more, please check  Beats Pro

best headphone

Westone W50

Westone is the ‘In-ear Experts’, which means we can use a most critics sight to look at the Westone W50. The ‘True-Fit’ feature has ensured the gizmo with a lightweight and still efficient to pass the right frequency, which offers the highest level of comfort. So with the highest level of comfort, the Weston W50 cost about $900. If you want to see more, please check Westone W50

best headphone

AKG Aviation AV100 ANR 

If you fly a lot, be sure your gears can help you safely and comfortable fly, Whether it is a long flight or short one, the AKG Aviation AV100 ANR is just providing you a noise-free flight. At more than $1000, the AV100 ANR will provide the pilot the most comfort flying ever. If you want to see more, please check AKG Aviation AV100 ANR 

best headphone

Then take a breath. We still select some best performance earphones under $500, not always has the high-end choice, there still many options to balance the price value.

Incase Sonic Headphones

Incase Design is a company who is dedicated to bring out effective and comfortable headphones in low price. The single-chassis design makes the Sonic headphone very comfortable to wearing, and the supra-aural headphone can fit the ear lobe but not cover it like the circumaural ones. The $150 Sonic headphones are the first product of this company. And we are look forward for their future movements. If you want to see more, please check Incase Sonic  review

best headphone

Audio Technica ATH-AD700

Withe extremely good construction, The AD700 has no doubt to in our best list. The sound quality of AD700 is extremely good.  It does not have the jarring effect of many ordinary headphones. On the other hand there is deep bass that produce resonating effect which many audiophiles would love to experience. The headphone offers high quality treble without any difficult. The timbre is excellent and as expected from a premium brand. So, users who love to listen to vocal music will find the system just the right one. If you want to see more, please check Audio Technica ATH-AD700 review

best headphone

There are still many different kinds of headphones are outside this list. So we try to cover them use different criteria, like best running headphones, best noise cancelling headphones, best headphone under $200 and best bluetooth headphone. If this best list does fulfill your needs, you can check these.

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