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Best Heart Rate Monitor Watch

best heart rate monitor watch

It is not a secret that fitness isn’t just the amount of exercise you get; it’s about the intensity level of that exercise-not too high, not too low. Scientists have find out the heart rate can reflect the exercise strength. But No one will like to stop to calculate the pulse when exercising. So, a heart rate monitor will do the jobs to help you find out the target heart rate zone and record your exercise information.

Best heart rate monitor watch must have a long battery lives, appropriate size, large memory capacities or data-transfer capabilities. So, we recommend the best heart rate monitor watch of 2014 as below.

Suunto Quest

By monitoring not only your heart rate but also all of your vitals and exercise information, this $160 Suunto Quest is the favorite for many athletes. And the battery which comes with the watch can keep up to 12 mouths, and replacing battery is also easy.See detail review:  Suunto Quest

best heart rate monitor watch

Polar RS300X

With Polar RS300X, the users can track and monitor the heartbeat,lap times, target zones, calories burned, , duration of exercise and more, It has all the features you need while training on a track field making it a must have for any recreational athlet, which is easy to wear. And the watch will alarm when you get your target zones. But this $90 gizmo doesn’t support the GPS capability and the battery change must be done by the customer center of Polar, which is a little disappoint for the users who like to track their location. See detail review:   Polar RS 300X

best heart rate monitor watch

Garmin Forerunner 15

At an affordable price, the Garmin Forerunner 15 has combined different features in one body. With $199, you will get a very effect heart rate monitor with a rechargeable long battery life, and the 50 m water resistant also make it keep up with your swimming exercise. All the training data is stored both locally in the watch or upload to the website. See detail review:  Garmin Forerunner 15

best heart rate monitor watch

Timex Ironman Road Trainer

With 5 pre-set training zones, this $99 Timex Iroman Road Trainer will save your time. The 100 meters water resistant can cover most of the training circumstances. But no alarm setting is a little bit disappointed for us. See detail review:   Timex Ironman Road Trainer.

best heart rate monitor watch

Polar FT7

May be the Polar FT7 is not the newest heart rate monitor watches in the market, but these gizmo still on the top of the best seller list, which can reflect this product to be a classical design. The 99 lap memory, 30 meters water resistant, calories burned displays and the user replaceable battery design all prove the Polar FT7 to be one of the best heart monitor watches. See detail review:   Polar FT7.

best heart rate monitor watch

Polar FT2

The Polar FT2 has been in the market since 2010, but it is still one of the most popular heart rate monitor watches. This product only do the features are needed in regular training, less is more, so you can spend your money on the right features that is most used. See detail review:  Polar FT2.

best heart rate monitor watch

Mio Alpha

Mio Alpha gives customers a choice to get away from the chest strap that is common in other heart rate monitors. By monitoring your heart rate from the wrist, the training will be more comfortable. But there are still some flaws we may take into consideration, this gizmo has no memory to save data in the device and it doesn’t display calories. See detail review:   Mio Alpha.

best heart rate monitor watch

Suunto Ambit2

Light and sleek designed, Suunto Ambit 2 along with its latest GPS technology make the device one of the best sports companion you can use to monitor your heart rates and workloads while exercising. The device comes with advanced features specifically designed for running, swimming, Biking and many more. It is a device that can work with thousands of apps that make it even more functional under different conditions and at any time. See detail review:  Suunto Ambit 2 

best heart rate monitor watch

Polar V800

Polar just keeps getting better and better and the new Polar V800 is prove to that. Any athlete looking to be the best he can has to get this heart rate monitor which comes loaded with so many amazing features to make your training a happy one. The inclusion of several smart coaching features you will not be thinking of hiring a personal trainer. You will never again overwork your body when working out since it will give you alarms when you are overworking your heart. Forget the pen and paper you always using to calculate the number of calories you have burned in your workout for this great watch will automatically do that for you accurately. See detail review:  Polar V800

best heart rate monitor watch


Garmin Forerunner 920XT

The Gaming Forerunner 920X a multi-sport watch is an awesome exercising watch which has a heart rate monitor. This watch helps several athletes when working out by the customizable modes and fields make it maximize the data available for faster feedback of for later analysis. This watch has the following feature which helps you monitor heart rate during workouts and after workouts. See detail review: Garmin Forerunner 920XT

Garmin Forerunner 920XT review

These are all the best Heart Rate Monitor Watches we selected for the customers. If you are intrested with some products, the detail reviews are available in the Top10inAction.

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