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Best James Patterson Books

Hope to Die

best James Patterson Books

Hope to Die is the latest in the infamous Alex Cross series. In this thriller, Cross’s family have been taken from him by a psychotic genius who has been stalking him. He must give the villain what he demands if he is to save his loved ones. The Alex Cross series is a thriller filled with crime and mystery that keeps the readers wanting more.

Private Vegas

best James Patterson Books

Las Vegas is a glamorous, wild and secretive place full of wonder and sins that invites those who seek thrills or those who have something to hide. Private Vegas brings a new sight to James Patterson’s Private series.

Lester Olsen likes to treat gorgeous, young women to meals, shows then teaches them how to get away with murder. Private Jack Morgan’s on the hunt for two criminals that lead him to a murder ring more threatening than all his other jobs.

Unlucky 13

Best James Patterson Books

Unlucky 13: Women’s Murder Club follows Detective Lindsay Boxer from San Francisco as she lives her life as a new mother and nothing can be better. Then she receives a photo from the FBI of a killer from her past bringing her joy to a halt.

The picture is that of a beautiful woman, Mackie Morales, the most dangerous member the Women’s Murder Club has ever encountered. The WMC must find Morales before she finds and kills them first.

Cross My Heart

Best James Patterson Books

Nothing matters more to Alex Cross than his family-his loving wife Bree, Nana Mama and his doting children- and one man knows this deeply.

The man uses Cross’s love for his family against him as he proves he is the greatest mind in crime history. In Cross My Heart, Cross must use all his mind-power to outwit the genius in his own game. But how can Cross achieve this when everything he does to protect the ones he love can also destroy them?


Best James Patterson Books

Detective Michael Bennett returns to New York City in the novel Burn. Bennett and his family have returned to New York City after the crime lord who forced them to go into hiding has been brought down. He takes over a chaotic Outreach Squad in Harlem where he receives a call about a well-dressed group of men holding a bizarre party in a condemned building.

Bennett dismisses the report, but is forced to take the caller serious when a charred body is found in the same building. As he investigates the report, he is drawn into an underground world of criminal corruption.


Best James Patterson Books

NYPD Red is about a special mission in Manhattan. A famous movie maker’s life is in danger. Detective Jordan and his ex-girlfriend and new co-worker Detective MacDonald have to find and stop the killer before the evil plan set. Will they succeed? Don’t speculate too soon.


Best James Patterson Books

Invisible is of Emmy Dockery, an FBI researcher obsessed with finding links between hundreds of unsolved cases. Everyone think she’s crazy, even her ex-boyfriend, field agent Harrison Bookman A.K.A Books, until she finds a piece of evidence he can’t afford to ignore. More murders are being reported daily and there seems to be no motive or suspects. Could it be possible that these crimes are being committed by a single person?

Private L.A.

Best James Patterson Books

Private L.A. is about the disappearance of a big superstar couple. Thom and Jennifer Harlow are possibly the biggest movie stars as well as great parents and over-all good people. When they mysteriously disappear without a word from their ranch it is up to Private Investigator Jack Morgan to probe through the secrets they hide behind their social image.

Confessions of a Murder Suspect

Best James Patterson Books

Tandy Angel tries to clear her family’s name in Confessions of a Murder Suspect. After Malcolm and Maud Angel are murdered, their daughter realizes being one of the last people to see them alive and the suspect lists consists of her and her three siblings.

As she works to find the real killer, she recalls memories that may shed some light on her family’s dark secrets and lead her into a dangerous game. Tandy finds that she can’t trust anyone, not even herself.

Alex Cross, Run

Best James Patterson Books

We follow Detective Alex Cross once more in Alex Cross, Run. Elijah Creem was arrested by Alex Cross for sleeping with teenage girls, and now he’s out with a new face so no one recognizes him.

Then a woman is found hanging from a sixth-floor window, she had recently given birth, but the baby is nowhere to be found. Then there is a second crime, and a third. Now there are rumors of three serial killers and the city is in a frenzy.

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