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Best Java Books

Listed here are some of the best books on Java. Whether you are a programmer or somebody who wants to learn Java, it is vital that you read books written by seasoned authors who have mastered this programming language. It is not surprising that Java is still being used today by programmers to come up with useful software.

Effective Java Programming Language

Best Java books-Effective Java Programming Language
Effective Java
 has been written by Joshua Bloch. The author tries his best in offering the best information about the programming language by providing several examples in his book on how you must go about programming in Java. This is the ideal guide for programmers who want to improve their coding skills in Java.

Some of the topics covered in this book include destroying and creating objects, methods for custom classes, designing methods, and others.

Thinking in Java

Best Java books-Thinking in Java
Thinking in Java, 4th Edition
 is the updated version of the award winning book. You would be surprised to know that this book has received several prestigious awards. The book has been written in an excellent manner offering direct programming samples. You will find learning Java from this book a simple affair.

The book comes with a companion web site that can provide you with annotated solution guide, source code, and multimedia seminars. You also learn about latest object-oriented principles.

Java Performance

Best Java books-Java Performance
Java Performance
 provides you with information on Oracle and third-party tools which are used for measuring and monitoring performance. You find out many tips which you might not be able to find out from other sources. Some of the topics that you can learn from this book are to know how to take a proactive approach to improve performance and goals, monitor Java performance in Windows, Linux, and Oracle Solaris environments, mastering Java method, etc.

The book helps you learn more on Java applications and how they can run effectively on platforms.

Introduction to Java Programming

Best Java books-Introduction to Java Programming
Introduction to Java Programming
 is the latest version which comes with good coverage on the programming language. The book has been written by seasoned programmer Daniel Liang who has many years of experience in this programming language.

Daniel wants to make Java programming simple to learn for those who are novices. The author has done an excellent job in that by using a simple approach where you are provided with complicated problems broken down into simple solutions.

Java Puzzlers

Best Java books-Java Puzzlers
Java Puzzlers
  is an ideal book for programmers who want to learn more on this programming language. The authors, Bloch and Gafter provide you with beautiful illusions and puzzles which are not only educational, but entertaining. The book helps you find out the traps and pitfalls which you should beware of when using this language.

You are provided solutions to the program and how they behave, which enables you to understand the pitfalls in a better manner.

Java Concurrency in Practice

Best Java books-Java Concurrency in Practice
Java Concurrency in Practice
 provides you with fundamentals of this programming language. When you want to learn Java in a better way, then this book is a must read. You are taken to the higher level in Java SE 5 and 6. These have helped in the design of many concurrent applications.

You are provided with efficient techniques to design reliable concurrent applications. You understand the techniques for composing and building thread-safe classes, testing concurrent programs, advanced topics like non blocking algorithms, atomic variables, and the Java Memory model.

Agile Java

Best Java books-Agile Java
Agile Java™
 is a guide that is useful for working professionals and amateurs. As a programmer, you should learn how they must approach Test-Driven Development to be able to understand and design better programs. That also helps you to enhance your coding abilities.

You are offered codes which have been tested. You learn how you can use this method to create working code that can provide you with effective programs that can solve hard issues.

JAVA: The Good Parts

Best Java books-JAVA The Good PartsJ
avaScript: The Good Parts
has been authored by Douglas Crockford. It provides you only the good parts of the programming language. Most of the programming languages were tested extensively before being released in the market. However, JavaScript was hurriedly released in the market. This has resulted in it containing more of the bad, then the good.

The author does his best, to ensure that JavaScript is one of the best object-oriented programming languages. Some of the good parts of JavaScript include Syntax, Objects, Inheritance, and others.

The well-grounded Java developer

Best Java books-The well-grounded Java developer
The Well-Grounded Java Developer
 is meant for experienced Java developers who want to improve their skills in Java7. The book comes with an extensive coverage of the latest Java 7 features. Through examples provided in the book, you learn more about the programming language in a better manner.

You learn more on Java 7 features, tutorials on Clojure, Scala, and Groovy. You also learn about the functional programming codes with new JVM languages.

Practical API Design

Best Java books-Practical API Design
Practical API Design
  has been written by an API architect. It helps you find out more on this programming language. When you are fed up of reading similar books, then you will want to know that this book is not just an ordinary book on Java. You learn how you can write an API which is effectively based on the best practices and API design patterns.

If you consider yourself as an API architect, then you will want to read this book.

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