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Best John Green books

Ask any young reader about his favourite authors and John Green’s name is sure to pop. Over the past few years, John Green has gained enormous popularity across readers worldwide due to his competence and has demonstrated skill in the adult fiction genre.

He has written many books, and most of them have been on the NY Times Best Seller list for weeks together. He also holds the rare distinction of being one of the few author’s features on the Time magazine’s list of 100 most influential individuals across the globe.

Here we review some of his most celebrated creations based on their popularity index as well as how each of these stories connects the readers with underlying characters.

The Fault in our Stars

Best John Green books

Although The Fault in Our Stars was the sixth novel published by John Green, it retains his fresh outlook and perspective on life while telling the story of love blossoming under the most difficult circumstances.

This books tells the story of Hazel, who is like any other 16 years old teenager when it comes to her dreams, and her hopes but suffers from a deadly case of cancer. As cancer continues to consume her life; she joins a support group where she meets her soul mate. The story then takes an adventurous turn as the love-struck couple who embarks on the clock on an adventure to meet the female protagonist’s favourite author.

Paper Towns

Best John Green books

Paper Towns is based around the sunny Orlando and is the story of two young, impressionable children who are neighbours and spend a considerable amount of time with each other. One such day they stumble upon the body of a divorced man from their neighbourhood who committed suicide and although this event does not lead to much it leaves a lasting impression on their minds.

The book then fast forwards to their high school life where they have grown apart and are indulged in their individual lives. The book takes a surprising turn when one fine day Margo (female protagonist) turns up in Margo’s (male protagonist’s) room with her life in shambles and convinces him to help her get revenge from all individuals that she believes have hurt her. The rest of the book is about their troubled relationship and Margo’s struggle to get away from anyone she knows and live a solitary life in a fictional town near New York.

Looking for Alaska

Best John Green books

Looking for Alaska is John’s first novel and his shot to fame. This is the heart touching story of young minds and angry love. This novel would transcend you into the ambitious, curious and yet sad world of Miles, who leaves home to attend a boarding school. He has a feeling that great things and opportunities will unfold when he gets to boarding school and starts a new journey.

Things don’t go as planned as he meets a group of unlikely accomplishes in boarding school and falls in love with an unlikely girl. The rest of the novel revolves around the troubled relationship between Miles and his unlikely love interest Alaska. John spins his web of emotions and relationship angles to explain how at times you just have to forgive others and most importantly yourself. Moving on in life may not be easy, but sometimes becomes an imperative.

An Abundance of Katherines

Best John Green books

How often have you felt an urge to be distinctive and unique compared to everyone around you? Colin of An Abundance of Katherines is in the same dilemma and is striving to have a genius eureka moment that would transform his life financially and bring a lot of fame as well. An interesting aspect of his love life is that every girl he has dated so far is named Katherine.

Funnily enough, he refers to them as the Roman numbering system as Katherine I, II and so on…. After breaking up with Katherine XIX, he embarks on a road trip with his only friend Hassan.

Rest of the novel revolves around a remarkable theorem that Colin proposes to resolve the mystery around human relationship and accurately predicts the chances of any relationship working. On the other hand, his life gets increasingly jeopardized due to a fresh leash of love and betrayal. This novel would help you realize the importance of fitting in rather than focussing on the struggle to set yourself apart.

John Green Box Set

Best John Green books

If you have been enticed while reading about the above John Green’s creation, then the John Green Box Set is a must buy. By the end of your journey through the green box, you would be able to appreciate the intellect and profound research truly that John does while creating masterpieces.

The green box has also been famed with creating believers for John a number of harsh critiques have also had kind things to say after experiencing the journey and joy of characters created by John.

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