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Best Leave in Conditioner

Leave in conditioner is a type of conditioner that is applied after shower on the hair and this product is left on the hair till next washing. Leave in conditioner is useful for improving the manageability of the hair by making it smooth, silky and tangle free. The difference of leave in conditioner with other conditioner is in the ingredients. This conditioner uses less oil unlike other products and it contains glycerin as ingredient instead of oil. It’s a very light weight product and thin conditioner that does not let you sense about any heavy feelings on your head. Hair looks greasy and shiny with no tangles at all. Leave in conditioner is mostly applied in the dry hair to fulfill the shortage of moisture. Find out more useful information in our beauty products reviews.

Best Leave in Conditioner

Moisturizing the hair is as important as moisturizing the skin. If you have a dry hair and want to get rid of the tangled then leave in conditioner is best of all for you. This conditioner is available in various forms such as creamy, lotion and spray. People with thick and over dried hair are suggested to go for creamy leave in conditioner while spray or lotion leave in conditioner is perfect for fine and thin hair.

Leave in conditioner should be applied on the hair when it is wet. Squeeze the extra water after shower and apply it on hair for best result. Some leave in conditioner is applied on daily basis as moisturizer. The end of the hair is the part that requires this conditioner most as this part is weak and dry than other part of the hair. But always go for the best product for your hair as bad quality conditioner can destroy your hair completely. Some best leave in conditioners are mentioned here that can treat your hair with care.

Oribe Supershine Light Cream for Unisex

Best Leave in Conditioner

Oribe Supershine Light Cream is a great product from the design house of Oribe. This leave in conditioner is so light weight that you can use it on daily basis also. This is thin but provides enough moisturizer to the dry hair to make it smooth, soft and detangle. It does not weigh down the hair like other products. The smell is also very refreshing and sweet. It is perfect for color treated hair also. Curly, dry and fine hair becomes amazing by the use of this leave in conditioner. This is available at 55$.

Living Proof No Frizz Conditioner

Best Leave in Conditioner

This Living Proof No Frizz Conditioner is best for dry and damaged hair to bring them in form. Thin, curly and wavy hair becomes soft, manageable and shiny by this conditioner. It helps in restoring the moisture in hair thus keep the hair soft. You can go for any hair style as this conditioner makes it easy to comb and hold and hair style without any tangle. Once applied it stays over hair for several days and work to fulfill the shortages. This No frizz leave-in conditioner is available at 19.94$.

Bumble and Bumble Leave-in Conditioner

Best Leave in Conditioner

Bumble and Bumble Leave-in hair conditioner is suitable for all hair types but the fine hair needs it mostly. Panthenol and wheat germ glycerides are the ingredients of this conditioner that provide extra moisture in the hair to make it smooth and tangle free. It controls flyaway and all day frizzing to gift a gentle and shiny hair. This leave-in conditioner is super light and does not make the hair heavy. It is one of the best conditioners that is able to tame frizz, detangle and required moisture without feeling sticky. This product is priced at 54.81$.

Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique

Best Leave in Conditioner

Made with royal jelly extract this leave-in conditioner is appropriate for you if you go through various heats styling process. This Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique is made to protect hair from the heat that hair tolerates for straightening, drying and for doing many more hair styles. Royal jelly extract provides lipids, protein and other nutrition to make the hair soft, smooth and shiny. Gluco seek is the other ingredient of this leave-in conditioner that saves hair from heat with xylose, UV filters and guar gum. This conditioner is available at 35$.

Pantene Pro-V Mist Detangler Light Conditioning

Best Leave in Conditioner

Pantene Pro-V Mist Detangler Light Conditioning is very light weight conditioner that treats the dry and fragile hair perfectly. With providing the sufficient moisture this leave-in conditioner is able to detangle, smooth and separate the strands. All types of hair style become very easy to do in hair after applying this conditioner. This is one of the best detanglers that is appropriate for all hair types. Hair becomes strong and healthy than before. It is one of the cheapest products and you need to pay only 4.79$ for this conditioner.

Go ahead to try any of the above leave-in conditioners if your hair lacks moisturizer and get a smooth, soft and shiny hair.

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