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Best Marketing Books

Marketing plays a pivotal role for any business. However, there are instances where other companies are more successful than others are. How do they do it? They have a superior marketing strategy. The following are top 10 best books that will explore the world of marketing and make the reader a better marketer.

Marketing Management

Best Marketing Books-Marketing Management (14th Edition)
In Marketing Management , Philip Kotler and Kevin Keller team up to give you effective tools that focus on the theory and practical of marketing. This gold standard publication takes readers through a series of effective and reliable marketing tools.

The content is up to date, designed to work with the current trends and changes in the marketing industry. It is a wealth of information and a powerful resource, aiming to help users gain better marketing skills and techniques.

Influence (5th Edition)

Best Marketing Books-Influence Science and Practice (5th Edition)
While working as a sales agent, fundraiser and advertiser, Robert B. Cialdini combines his experience, experiments and academic research, to produce this powerful publication—Influence: Science and Practice .

The narrative style gives readers a different perspective on how to sell successfully products and services. These six behaviors are psychological ideologies that express human behavior.

Designing Brand Identity

Best Marketing Books-Designing Brand Identity An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team
Following thorough research of the world’s most renowned brands, design development, identity standards and analysis Alina Wheeler writes this powerful publication—Designing Brand Identity.
It is a powerful tool for marketers, brand managers and designers. It contains the universal five-phase for creating and implementing valuable brand identity. This book also contains the latest marketing trends such as social media, videos, apps and global markets. This is a book worth reading and helps turn your brand into a powerhouse.

Framework for Marketing Management

Best Marketing Books-Framework for Marketing Management (5th Edition)
Authors Kevin Keller and Philip Kotler have come together to produce this highly professional publication that is adapted from the marketing management textbook for professors. Framework for Marketing Management offers commanding marketing management strategies both theoretically and practically. This manual is for those that want to add flexibility and versatility to their marketing strategies.


Best Marketing Books-Resonate Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences
In many occasions, presentations meant to move and inspire the audience leaves them bored and feels like a waste of time. Resonate helps the presenter have an intense connection with their audience, leading them to resolute action. Ideally this is the aim of any presentation; it is to help the listener or participant take action on something. The simple and straightforward approach from the writer helps convey the message more simply and powerfully.

Principles of Marketing

Best Marketing Books-Principles of Marketing (15th Edition)
Principles of Marketing
 is particularly of interest to readers who want a thorough over view of marketing techniques and strategies. This book helps marketers of all kinds, understand the current marketing trends in order to create a lively and interactive marketing strategy that will effectively and efficiently reach out to the consumer. This book presents essential information on marketing and gives great information on how to create value, hence gaining loyal customers.


Best Marketing Books-Marketing
This edition of marketing presents the reader with progressive content on the best marketing strategies. It is packed with innovative, comprehensive and useful information.

This book exploits an innovative technique that integrates the authors’ combined experiences. This gives a broader perspective to marketing and sharpens the readers marketing skills

Services Marketing

Best Marketing Books-Services Marketing (6th Edition)
Services Marketing
 is mainly for business people and students who recognize the vital role marketing plays in a business. Since the current trend is offering service, this book gives excellent tips on better implementation of quality service to the client. Apart from the customary topics, there are more in-depth topics features in this book. These topics enhance and sharpen marketing skills to higher levels.

Diffusion of Innovations

Best Marketing Books-Diffusion of Innovations, 5th Edition
The author, Professor Evrett M. Rogers dissects the diffusion process of innovation. He goes through thorough details on how people end up adopting a certain innovation after seeing several people behind. Diffusion of Innovations also focuses on business entities, showing them ways they can adopt innovation in order to enhance business.

Marketing Management

Best Marketing Books-Marketing Management (4th Edition)
This ground breaking publications shows readers how to go past the basic concepts of focus and integration.Marketing Management  replicates a dynamic environment that is saturated with marketers.

Market management helps users make smart and informed marketing choices for their businesses. This book covers vital topics that lead the reader in achieving a modern marketing strategy.

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