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Best MySQL books

If you are interested in learning MySQL, then you need to get your hands on books written by seasoned authors in this field. Given are some of the best books on MySQL authored by experienced professionals who have spent most of their life using MySQL. MySQL has many uses and it is not surprising that many people find it indispensable.

Murach’s MySQL

Best MySQL books-Murach's MySQL
Murach’s MySQL
 has been written by Joel Murach who received awards for his previous book, “Java Servlets and JSP”. The book is like a reference guide as it contains information suited for website developers and programmers. You will learn the important SQL statements when you are working on a MySQL database.

Apart from that, you also find out how you can use the graphical MySQL and design a database. Few of the features are also provided including transactions, triggers, stored functions, events, stored procedures, and foreign keys. The author has a unique way of writing his books that enables you to read it in a systematic manner.

High Performance MySQL

Best MySQL books-High Performance MySQL
High Performance MySQL
  is the perfect guide book for programmers who want to feel the full power of MySQL. This book helps you by offering you with the latest techniques that can be used to get the best from this language. Some of them are indexes, operating system, designing schemas, and queries.

Apart from teaching you the advanced features, you also learn how this system works through beautiful examples and case studies that help in understanding the concepts in a simple manner.

PHP and MySQL for Beginner

Best MySQL books-PHP and MySQL for Beginner
PHP and MySQL for Beginners
is the ideal book for beginners. If you consider yourself as a beginner in PHP and MySQL, then you will want to get your hands on this excellent book. When you want to design the perfect website, you need to know how to create a MySQL database. Written by experienced author in PHP and MySQL Mark Lassoff, you find out the concepts that are used in PHP.

As you learn PHP concepts, you are also exposed to the latest database applications. After each chapter, you are provided with exercise that helps you remember what you have learned.

PHP and MySQL Web Development (4th Edition)

Best MySQL books-PHP and MySQL Web Development
PHP and MySQL Web Development
 is the updated version of the book and is one of the best guides you can read on PHP and MySQL. Both PHP and MySQL are required to design a good website. If you want to create a website that can help you promote your firm, then you need to master PHP and MySQL.

Through this book, you learn PHP basics and how to design a MySQL database. Once you learn how to do them, you find out how the database and PHP are connected to the server.

MySQL Cookbook 4.6

Best MySQL books-MySQL Cookbook 4.6
MySQL Cookbook
is meant for programmers who want solutions that are ready made. Sometimes programmers do have time to think quick solutions. During these circumstances they need quick solutions. This book comes with simple solutions that can be used by programmers of all levels.

You learn about MySQL and PHP, Python, Perl, and Java. You also learn how to access information from several tables at a time, save pictures in MySQL and retrieve them, how to generate sequence numbers, and the like.

MySQL Crash Course 4.6

Best MySQL books-MySQL Crash Course 4.6
MySQL Crash Course
 contains powerful lessons which can teach you how to use MySQL. This language is used for several purposes. Programmers find queries as a must for all programs. Without a database, a website is incomplete. You find out how you can sort and retrieve information from a database, filter data, create and modify tables, and others.

Ben Forta has more than 20 years of experience in this field. He has authored Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes, which is one of the best-selling books.

Understanding MySQL Internals

Best MySQL books-Understanding MySQL Internals
Understanding MySQL Internals
 has been authored by Sasha Pachev. The book offers you several examples of how this language can be used and how you can design an efficient database. When the database has been designed in a proper manner, it is easy to get information, modify it, access data on it.

You learn how to operate functions and structures. Through this book, you learn about API, structures, core server classes, the controls of the server, what is thread-based request handling, and others.

MySQL High Availability

Best MySQL books-MySQL High Availability
MySQL High Availability
 is the best read for learning how to create database that are helpful for your website or firm. When you find it hard to create a database for your business, then you need to know the tools which can help you perform it. This book has been authored by engineers who have created several databases that stood the test of time.

You find out how you can explore the binary log, techniques for handling large data, tracking slaves and masters, how to deal with restarts and failures.

MySQL Crash Course

Best MySQL books-MySQL Crash Course
MySQL Crash Course
 provides you with 30 effective lesions that will help you learn MySQL the way you wanted. You find out how you can retrieve data from your database, how to deal with failures in a database, how to restart the database, and exposed to the latest functions. You learn how to manage security via access control and create user accounts.

This is the perfect book for beginners and programmers. Ben Forta is the author of Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes, Advanced ColdFusion Development, ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit, and books on Flash, and others.

Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL(5th Editiion)

Best MySQL books-Best MySQL books-Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL
PHP and MySQL Web Development, (5th Edition)
 is the updated version. When you want to design the prefect website, you need to know both MySQL and PHP. The book helps you learn how to work on a database, how PHP and MySQL are related with the server, and you also find out the basics of the PHP language.

You find out how you can perform simple tasks like constructing a shopping cart, authenticating users, generating PDF documents and images dynamically, and others. These are needed when designing a website.

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