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Best Mystery Books

In this hot summer, nothing is more comfortable and pleasant than staying at home with a good novel especially with a good mystery book. This article offers 10 best mystery books for your reference. When you are absorbed in murders, suspicious persons and all kinds of clues, you will be too busy in finding out who is the murder or what is the ending of the story and totally forget how hot and stuffy outside your home. So just scan the following and select some best mystery books you like!

The Complete Sherlock Holmes and the Complete Tales of Terror and Mystery

the complete sherlock holmes and the complete tales of  terror and mystery

When it comes to best mystery books in the world, it definitely goes to Sherlock Holmes. When speaking of Sherlock Holmes, there will immediately be a picture in your head: a tall eccentric guy with a pipe who has astute thoughts, logical reasoning, the capability to disguise himself, and his perfect use of forensic science to find the truth in the end.

This collection contains all stories on Sherlock Holmes as well as other tales of mystery. You not only encounter a charming guy and all kinds of bizarre cases, but also know sonething about the vividly described world of the 19th century

And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None

Speaking of best mystery books, there are brilliant works of another proficient and excellent author Agatha Christie. She creates many household names such as indomitable detective Miss Marple, meticulous detective Poirot, as well as so many other outstanding characters.

And Then There Were None is about ten unacquainted persons, each of whom carries a secret, are attracted to a mansion standing on a Indian island. Every one are accused by their unseen host of having escaped punishment for past crimes promptly he arrived at the mansion. Cut off from the outside world and with increasing panic and mutual suspicion, they begin their tough journey to unmask the killer as their number is reduced.



Born in 1906 and died in 1989, many books of Daphne du Maurier are always gaining high reputation among readers all around the world.
As a great work of fiction, Rebecca combines character development, romance and suspense. You are at a loss in the mystery and cannot find out the truth until the last page. A shy and young girl of lower social status, meets a rich recent widow, Maxim de Winterthe, and they fall in love with each other. They get married and go back to Manderley, a grand English estate. And then the girl is stuck into the responsibilities of operating the estate, the dealing with her horrid housekeeper as well as the lingering and mysterious memory of Rebecca, the first wife of Maxim. As her husband was distant to her suddebly and strangely, a unbelievable secret is revealed……

In Cold Blood

in cold blood

When we mention the name of Truman Capote,  we may think that his most impressive novel must belong to Breakfast at Tiffany’s which becomes a household name because of the movie with Audrey Hepburn as the leading role.

In Cold Blood is the bestseller in murder and mayhem true accounts on Amazon. It tells the story of the senseless, brutal killing of a rural Kansas family in 1959. It is beautifully written from start to end. It pervades the whole book that the respect for human dignity and tragedy. In Cold Blood is a thought-provoking mystery book from which you will gain a lot of inspiring and illuminating reflection.

A Time to Kill

A Time to Kill

A Time to Kill is the first novel, also the favorite one of John Grisham. The whole story is set in Clanton, Mississippi. The daughter of a black Vietnam war hero is raped by two white drunk men, and a young lawyer called Brigance is to defend the father who kills those two white men. It is said that John Grisham has revised A Time to Kill for almost three years.

A Time to Kill reveals the complex relationship between whites and blacks in the southern countryside. Whatever your personal views about vigilante justice and this kind of death penalty are, A Time to Kill is going to keep you turning the pages.

The Woman in White

The Woman in White

You may not heard of The Woman in White before or you think that the woman in white is a ghost from the title. However, you are wrong. I was asked to read The Woman in White when I was in the college. This book offers vivid portrayals of Victorian England of 19 century, its attitude, its mannerisms, its inhibitions and its wardrobe. This Wilkie Collins’s work remains as one of the most engaging and gripping novels of all time.

Here I will not spoil your interest in reading this novel by telling the plot. It is really worth your reading.

The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs

If you have watch the movie adaptation of The Silence of the Lambs, you should not miss this book.

Buffalo Bill who is a serial killer kidnaps, kills, and skins young women in a creep way. Clarice Starling, FBI trainee, starts to interview a deranged psychiatrist named Hanibal Lecter. Lecter gives Clarice Starling clues about the Buffalo Bill case on the condition that Starling has to tell  Lecter about her past for exchange.

Edgar Allan Poe: Complete Tales and Poems

Edgar Allan Poe

When we talk about best mystery books, we bear in mind a outstanding American writer Edgar Allan Poe. As a presentative of post-romanticism, Edgar Allan Poe is famous for Best his short fiction and poems. Poe is good at psychological thriller and creates the detective genre. Edgar Allan Poe lives up to his reputation of a master of the macabre and detective works.

Edgar Allan Poe: Complete Tales and Poems includes 53 of his worldly famous poems as well as criticisms and essays.

The Cuckoo’s Calling

The Cuckoo's Calling

It seems that The Cuckoo’s Calling is unambitious, unexceptional and straightforward with everything fitting the established conventions and nothing new standing out, however, it is a compelling novel in which the characters still captivate your heart completely and lead you into the investigation.

If you are a big fan of  J. K. Rowling  and her Harry Potter series, you can’s help to open this book.

The Big Sleep

The Big Slee

The Big Sleep is the first Philip Marlowe novel of Raymond Chandler. Although it was written in 1939, it is still popular among readers as one of the best mystery books.
With incredible descriptive powers, He writes so clearly that you can even predict what will happen before it happens and how the main character will respond to certain situations before the books shows, and you’ll probably solve the mystery before the character does as long as you are smart to some degree.

The Big Sleep is really worth every minute you spend on it.

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