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Congratulations on being blessed with a new bundle of joy or we appreciate that you continue to face the pressure of being a good parent every day. We all tend to think that once we have a kid all our worries would go away, and life will be all fun and laughter. While remaining true in part, but there are also a lot of parenting pressures that accompany a child.

Your kid is like soft clay, and you get to shape him into a responsible citizen of tomorrow and hence there is an immense responsibility on your shoulders to do a good job as a parent. While there is not ‘Good Parent’ checklist there certainly are a couple of guidelines, tips, and experiences that would help your journey smooth and give you the much-needed direction. Below are some of the best parenting books:


best parenting books

Smart Money, Smart Kids by  Dave Ramsey shares the basics such as spending, working, giving and saving. With the rising inflation and ongoing financial crisis across all world economies. It is crucial to teach your child the art of managing his/her finances in an efficient manner.

Then again, how can you teach something that you are not sure of yourself, this is where Dave Ramsey steps in with his profound life experience and high marketplace eminence. While battling the difficult topics of avoiding debt, paying for your college, and fighting the need for gratification often fulfilled through callous spending.


best parenting books

If you were born in the 21st century, then you already know the tremendous role that emotional intelligence plays in shaping our careers, personal demeanour, and life overall. The Whole-Brain Child by Daniel J. Siegel is an excellent book that would help you develop the young mind to become a responsible and successful individual who values the other’s opinion while forming his own.

The twelve strategies listed in the book range from connecting emotionally while redirecting logically to turning an apparent conflict into an opportunity.


best parenting books

NurtureShock by PO Bronson deals with the following alarming questions while helping you navigate the delicate path of parenthood. Since each of us teaches valuable lessons to our children in the hope that they would help shape their minds and lives for the better, but, what if the lessons being taught are entirely wrong? What kind of the future are we creating for our children then?


best parenting books

Parenting by Amanda F will help you shorten the learning curve while enhancing your child’s IQ while ensuring that he/she does not feel pressured into any learning exercise, because each child has different  niche capabilities. But it does not mean that you just let them be in the hope that one day they would realize their full potential?


best parenting books

Should you plan for the future of your infant baby? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then Brain Rules for Baby by John Medina is a must buy. This book helps you to resolve your most severe conflicts such as – Should I let my kid watch TV before he/she is two years old? Should my spouse help more with household chores?

How do I handle my child while I am having an emotional outburst? Children are more intuitive than they may seem at surface, and the path to right parenthood starts as soon as you give birth to your bundle of joy.


best parenting books

All Joy and No Fun by Jennifer Senior is a must read book for each father and mother, whether their child is two months old or 20 years old. Have you ever considered the reality  that your child is shaping your life while you make attempts to develop his?

The answer is ‘Yes’ and Jennifer gives countless examples to help you understand that parenting is a two-way road and helps you understand how you can enter into a symbiotic relationship with your child.


best parenting books

Clutterfree with Kids by Joshua S Becker will help you and your child understand and practice simple tips to become clutter free and have more time on your hands for bonding and spending quality family time. Has your house been a clutter free ever since you had kids?

The good Thing is that you are not the only parent struggling with this problem. The bad news is that it can get a whole lot worse if you cannot educate and convince your child to live a clutter free life.


best parenting books

Bringing up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman is a joy, to read, is full of helpful tips that would transform your parenting experience for the better.

Pamela had a baby while she was in Paris and although she had every intention to bring her baby up the way she had been raised. She started to note some curious traditions and norms that make French children well behaved and less messy while not hindering their curiosity or creativity. She sets out to unravel the mystery and ended up with a New York bestseller.


best parenting books

Do you struggle with instilling responsibility and seldom enforcing discipline on your kids?

For more than twenty years, Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen has been the gold standard for parents across the world and has helped them understand that punishment is not necessarily a tool to inculcate discipline in your child. This book talks about a lot of ways to apply positive reinforcement and watch your teenager grow into a responsible adult.

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