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Best Personal Finance Books

Personal finance books are a great treat. They help people gain a new and broader perspective on finances, what to do to live within means, better management of finances and wealth creation. They are a powerful source of information and guidance for the readers. The market is flocked with personal fiancé books. However, others stand out. The following is a list of ten of the best personal finance books.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Best Personal Finance Books-Rich Dad, Poor Dad,

Written by renowned Robert T. Kiyosaki. Rich Dad Poor Dad talks about Robert’s two fathers. The two fathers talked about in this book are Roberts’s biological father and Robert’s closest friend father, who is the rich dad. He goes in depth, highlighting how both men molded his opinion concerning investing and money.

This #1 best seller dissects the fable of earning a large income, in order to have financial security and wealth. It clearly differentiates the concept of money working for the person and the person working for money. This book gives details about personal finance like never before. It is available in both hard and soft copies.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Best Personal Finance Books-The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is perhaps one of the most inspiring books ever written. Stephen R. Covey (the author) shares his immense leadership skills with the world. This book was first published in 1990 and continues to influence the lives of many.

This book helps readers have a balance of professional and personal life, in order to be people that are more effective. There are invaluable tips on how to perform better in the said areas. This booked has changed the live of millions, as it gives powerful lessons on personal change.

Think and Grow Rich

Best Personal Finance Books-Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich has been named the grand dad of all motivational literature. Napoleon Hill illustrates effortlessly how to be successful in various aspects. Using his ‘Law of Success’ philosophy, he bases this best seller book with vivid and powerful illustrations of some of the wealthiest individuals of his time.

He now comes back with an updated version that intertwines powerful stories of some of the current wealthiest people amassed their wealth. This book is a powerful tool, which helps people become better at making wealth and progressing financially.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Best Personal Finance Books-Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

The powerful book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind exposes a fundamental link to wanting success and achieving success. T. Harv Eker illustrates secrets so powerful; they are what determine an individual’s financial future. This book comes in two parts. The first part explains how an individual’s money blue print works.

Readers will understand how their childhood has influenced their financial destiny. In addition, readers will get to learn how to identify their money blue print and techniques on revising it, in order to increase income and wealth accumulation.

Part 2 sheds more light on the seventeen ‘Wealth Files’. These give a description on how rich people think and act differently, in comparison to the poor and middle-class. This is a powerful tool has exponential potential to turn around the readers fortunes.

Jim Cramer’s Get Rich Carefully

Best Personal Finance Books-Get Rich Carefully

James J. Cramer has authored a book that guides people to making lasting wealth. Jim Cramer’s Get Rich Carefully is not a quick fix solution to financial woes. This book guides readers on low-risk but high-yield investing. It is packed with knowledge of the stock market ad teaches readers how to be rich in a prudent, safe and efficient manner. This is the personal finance book of the year and is a great read for all.

Your Money or Your Life

Best Personal Finance Books-Your Money or Your Life

This informative piece of literature seeks to guide readers who have financial storms because of the economic uncertainties. Your Money or Your Life   is relevant for the current times and guides readers on how to control their money and improve the quality of life.

The Millionaire Next Door

Best Personal Finance Books-The Millionaire Next Door

Thomas J. Stanley reveals seven traits that recur amongst those that have accumulated a large amount of wealth. The Millionaire Next Door is an insight to the way the wealthy think, act and live their lives. It demystifies the common though that rich people live in up market areas. It cleverly illustrates how a millionaire could be a neigh our in an average area. It teaches readers habits of rich people.

The Science of Getting Rich

Best Personal Finance Books-The Science of Getting Rich

Wallace D. Wattles once again brings an innovative book to help people attract wealth and get rich. The Science of Getting Rich is crafted from his bestseller “Science of” collections. This book shows readers how to attract wealth and guides readers on how to effectively get rich. This book is highly educative.

The Total Money Makeover

Best Personal Finance Books-The Total Money Makeover

Dave Ramsey provides readers with a practical plan on money issues. The Total Money Makeover  gives hope to those who live in debt and helps people stay grounded within their financial capabilities.

He lays bare the dangers of rent-to-own, cash advances and debt consolidation. This total money make over, gives readers the bare truth and effective solutions that are simple and easy to follow.

The Millionaire Fastlane

Best Personal Finance Books-The Millionaire Fast Lane

The Millionaire Fastlane  takes readers to the fast lane on how to be a millionaire. It helps readers understand the things in their lives making them move slowly towards being millionaires.

It demystifies the norms of getting a job and working for money, instead of having money work for you. It gives hope to many who want financial freedom. Mj DeMarco gives real life tips that will accelerate financial growth.

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