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Best PHP Books

If you want to know more about the PHP programming language, then you will want to read the given books. They are authored by the some of the best writers in PHP programming language. PHP is an open-source language that enables you to design any kind of website you want. When you want to understand PHP in a better manner, then these books can help you.

PHP and MySQL for Beginners

Best PHP Books-PHP and MySQL for Beginners

PHP and MySQL for Beginners is the perfect way to startyour learning in this language. In this book, you can learn about PHP as well as MySQL. If you design websites, then you will want to know more about the PHP programming language. This book is not only useful for beginners, but also mobile developers.

The lessons come with exercise, which can help you understand the concepts in a simple manner.

Mark Lassoff is a technical trainer and author, a publisher, who writes about mobile and web development.

 PHP and MySQL Web Development 

Best PHP Books-PHP and MySQL Web Development (4th Edition)

PHP and MySQL Web Development contains information on both PHP and MySQL. PHP programming language helps you design ecommerce sites. MySQL integrated with PHP offers effective websites. The book describes how you can use Internet application tools.

Few examples like sending and managing email, generating PDF documents and images, constructing a shopping cart, authenticating users, developing Web 2.0 applications with Ajax-based interactivity, connecting to Web services using XML, and facilitating user discussions.

PHP in Action: Objects, Design, Agility

Best PHP Books-PHP in Action: Objects, Design, Agility

PHP in Action has been written keeping in mind the needs of the readers. The book is an ideal read for beginners. You can pick up how to use PHP techniques in web programming like web presentation and templates, user interaction, including the model-view-controller architecture, input validation and form handling, and many others.

If you want to know how you can use the PHP programming language entirely, then you find this book useful.

Dagfinn Reiersol is a PHP expert who has designed and developed web applications, web content mining software, text analysis programs, and web programming tools in PHP.

PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice

Best PHP Books-PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice

PHP Objects Patterns and Practice has been updated and revised. It helps you learn some of the key concepts of PHP programming language that includes reflection, inheritance, class declaration, and much more. These are the fundamentals of PHP and you also learn the principles of design.

You learn about design patterns, their purpose, structure and the underlying principles and understand and use design principles to deploy objects and classes effectively in your projects.

Matt Zandstra is a writer, web programmer, consultant, for nearly two decades.

Professional PHP Programming

Best PHP Books-Professional PHP Programming

Professional PHP Programming is about the middle-tier PHP programming language. When you are a middle level programmer in PHP, then this is the best book. The main benefit of using PHP over other languages is that, it is an open source technology and comes with seamless IP connectivity and a built-in database integration layer.

The features help you efficiently use the language to develop beautiful websites.

Chris Scollo, Sascha Schumann, and Jesus Castagnetto are site architects who have used PHP programming to run web locations.

PHP Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for PHP Programmers

Best PHP Books-PHP Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for PHP Programmers

PHP Cookbook like the name indicates are about the PHP programming language. You will want to know that PHP is used more widely than Microsoft’s ASP.NET technology. This book helps you create websites that can work on any browser.

You have several topics on classes and objects, building web services with PHP, processing XML, and working with SOAP/REST architectures.

The authors Adam Trachtenberg works as Vice President for Development at Student.Com and TVGrid.Com. David Sklar is the co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer of Student.Com and TVGrid.Com.

Programming PHP

Best PHP Books-Programming PHP

Programming PHP is an updated edition that offers you with the latest features in PHP 5.x and effective web applications. When you have worked on HTML, then you can easily pick up the writing style and understand the programming language. This book helps you get an overview of the PHP programs; learn the fundamentals including variables, flow control statements, operators, and data types.

The authors of the book are Kevin Tatroe who is an experienced PHP developer. Peter MacIntyre has more than 16 years of experience in several client/server tools. Rasmus Lerdorf has been working on PHP development projects.

PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented Programming

Best PHP Books-PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented Programming: Visual QuickPro Guide (3rd Edition)

PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented Programming contains fourteen chapters that help you understand PHP programming language usage in real-world applications. Few lessons are on debugging, performance, and testing. Some chapters are on object-oriented programming. The book is ideal for professional PHP programmers. If you consider yourself to be one, then you will want to have this book.

Head First PHP & MySQL

Best PHP Books-Head First PHP & MySQL

Head First PHP & MySQL helps you design websites that are complex and require PHP & MySQL, CSS, and HTML. The book comes with several vivid examples that enable you to learn the fundamentals of the PHP programming language. Some of the topics include file I/O operations, covering validation, cookies, session IDs, database queries and more.

Advanced PHP Programming

Best PHP Books-Advanced PHP Programming

Advanced PHP Programming is for advanced professionals. The book has some of the best examples of PHP programming language. Through this information you can establish large websites meant for big establishments. The latest techniques on how to use PHP are provided in this book. The book might be complex to read if you are a beginner. But, if you are looking to develop yourself, then this is the best read.

George Schlossnagle is a writer of programming languages including PHP, PEAR, and PECL extension repositories.

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