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Your newborn is in constant awe of the world around him which is colorful and the moment that the thinks that he has discovered all of it a slight change in scenery opens up a new box of possibilities for him/her. His sense of sight is probably the most impacted and utilized in his early years as he starts to recognize images, objects, and people.

Exposing him to good quality picture books is a very good idea to help him develop pattern recognition skills while enjoying his favorite story. The below books would help your child in relating images to parts of his body, objects around him, people around him and gradually make more complex synaptic connections.


best picture books for children

Ten Tiny Toes by Caroline Jayne Church is the perfect first picture book companion for your child as it introduces him/her to parts of the body with adorable focus on ten tiny toes along with wiggling ears and giggle bellies. This book will make your child fall in love with him while appreciating his body and figuring out the utility of each body part.


best picture books for children

NoNo, Yes Yes by Leslie Patricelli will help your child to establish the Dos from Don’t or Rights from Wrongs all while presenting him/her with wonderfully decorated images. This book is famous among parents worldwide for the simplicity of messaging and supporting illustrations that would help your child separate the No activities from the Yes ones.


best picture books for children

Little Blue Truck Board Book by Alice Schertle is a fitting testament to the power of friendship and the joy of giving back. Your child will fall in love with the helpful little blue truck is committed to helping dump truck out of the mud and gets caught himself in the process. While this is concerning but not worth worrying as the little blue truck has made fabulous friends who would get him out of the mess come what may.


best picture books for children

Toot by Leslie Patricelli is an engaging chapter in the recognition of various sounds and deals with ‘Toot’ in particular. While everybody makes this sound no one can derive as much fun from it compared to how much fun it is for your kid. This book is ideally suited for young listeners while their parents or older siblings have a good time reading it out to them.


best picture books for children

Potty by Leslie Patricelli deals with helping you guide your child towards successful potty training. More important, it focuses on teaching your child that he has two options (diaper and the potty trainer) when they need to poop. The awareness is the first step of the journey, and before you know the entire family will be all smiles.


best picture books for children

If Animals Kissed Good Night by Ann Whitford Paul is the best board book for a nighttime snuggle and would help you to spark curiosity in your child such as what do, the birds do all day. Followed by this the book introduces an incredible premise where the child discovers what would have happened if animals say Good night before going to bed.


best picture books for children

Peek-A-Zoo! by Nina Laden will teach your child to recognize different animals by peeking through the die cut block and identifying the animal behind them.

The engaging animation and the corresponding curiosity will keep your child engaged in this book as well. Your child will love playing Peek a Zoo!! Peek-A-Boo is a century old game and has been enjoyed by kids and parents the same worldwide.


best picture books for children

Bad Kitty Drawn to Trouble by Nick Bruel teaches your kid the core basics of sketching and painting as they discover the story of bad kitty who spoils each attempt of creating a successful page.

But his book is all about persistence and shows how at the very end any child can achieve his/her dreams. Bad kitty finally learned the lesson and stopped jumping into all activities.


best picture books for children

I am Albert Einstein by Brad Meltzer would allow for the much-needed positive reinforcement as your child may suffer from a unique disadvantage. It tells the story of Kid Einstein and how he always challenged the status quo and charted his path for success.

While most saw him as a reputed scientist, Einstein was supposedly a bleak student but through his hard work and persistence he went on to become one of the greatest minds in the scientific world.


best picture books for children

A Child’s Introduction to Art by Heather Alexander allows your child an opportunity to marvel at the worldwide architectural pinnacles and plan for remembering their look and names. This book focuses on children aged between 9 and 12 to recognize and enjoy the world’s most renowned sculpture. A majority of big art and craft players from the ancient English era and appreciate their unique art form.

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