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Best Place to Buy eBooks

Best Place to Buy eBooksIt is an irrefutable fact that ebook have taken the market by storm. Finally, there is a way to carry your books with you without having to bear theirweight. Any average ebook reader can easily carry 100 of books with ebook reader and makes your life easier while allowing you to pursue the passion for reading.

The next important  question is where can I get the most comprehensive collection of ebooks for purchase. Since we are moving away from paper-based books to their electronic counterparts, it is merely obvious that you would buy your ebooks online and not at a local bookstore near you.

The number of forums dedicated to ebooks cause is truly overwhelming you may find more options to buy the latest New York bestseller ebook then the number of ice-cream brands in your nearby supermarket. Most of these online forums have competitive pricing built in but if you know the right store to hit for a particular title you may get unexpected discounts. Some online forums even give our ebooks free of cost as well.

As  there are a large number of  forums, including publishing houses that are selling ebooks a few names come to the top of the list with respect to their vast collection, discounted prices and ease of access. These websites also allow you to rent out ebooks.


Best Place to Buy eBooks

Amazon is one of the most popular online shopping portals and provides a very immersive experience for its clients. This website also comes across as cheaper than most of its counterparts, especially when you are looking at New York bestseller list. Another trick, which Amazon deploys to stay competitive is to offer links to other websites that host the ebook that you are looking for, most of its competitors revere this unique strategy.

What may seem like a sacrificial act by Amazon is a smart marketing move that helps keep users coming back to Amazon. The trade off is that a few customers might end up buying the ebook from a rival competitor.


Best Place to Buy eBooks

eBook.com is quickly rising the ranks of popular online stores to buy your favorite ebook. Although it offers similar features as other websites, there are some key differentiators that are behind its popularity and rising user base-

  • A dedicated home section with all the characteristics that you would expect. Including handy access to ebook search, section to highlight new entries and top grosser, categories section with a splash of creativity (beach reads, tantalizing reads!!).
  • Author based search feature and the web section that allows you to browse through your favorite writers and sample their latest and celebrated works.
  • Bestsellers section to keep you abreast of the reading world
  • Publishers section to help you seek through a mine full of gems


Best Place to Buy eBooks

Both Kobo online store and Kobo ebook reader are very popular across all strata of book lovers. So far, Kobo has been particularly fruitful in the UK and is quickly making its way to other global markets. Kobo is popular for introducing a variety of relatively inexpensive small screens based ebook readers.

Like most other websites, Kobo provides the ability to download ebooks in ePub format that is compatible with most of the ebook readers. Kobo store is popular for hosting over 3 million titles while offering over 1 million titles free of cost to promote the book reading habits in youngsters and the older generation alike

Barnes and the Noble

Best Place to Buy eBooks

Barnes and the Noble is known for its expansive collection spanning across DVDs, ebooks, and music. Barnes and Nobles are known for its ease of use when compared to its counterparts – Giving the user ability to search through the expansive ebook collection, using the multiple filter options.

There is a dedicated ‘How to use website’ section along with relevant FAQs answered. Of course, the ebook prices are competitive, and a host of free ebooks are also available. Barnes and Nobles supports a variety of ebook formats including option of reading your books on mobile devices, as well as ebook readers.

Google Play Books

Best Place to Buy eBooks

This forum and the corresponding app allows you to choose from millions of books available on Google play, including the bestsellers, textbooks and loads of free ebooks as well. There is  always an option to adjust the font size easily as well as format for easy reading across a host of ebook readers and mobile devices. A few of the other value added features include the ability to highlight and annotate on the ebook, buying ebooks that feature keyword search function, three viewing modes to ease out the reading experience.

There is  an option to rent out textbooks along with fiction, literature and action ebooks. Google playbooks are an excellent way to buy, rent and enjoy your favorite books in electronic format.

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