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Best Python books

Want to know more about the programming language Python? Then you must read some excellent books in Python. Here are some books which make learning Python fun. Initially it might look difficult, but when you have got books authored by award-winning writers, then understanding the programming language becomes easy.

Python Cookbook

Best Python books-Python Cookbook

Python Cookbook has been authored by David Beazley. This is the perfect book for beginners and experienced. This book comes with tested Python coding that can help you learn the language in an interesting manner. The popular functions and samples are provided. Some of the topics are Strings and Text, Numbers, Dates, and Times, Iterators and Generators, Data Encoding and Processing, Network and Web Programming, and others.

David Beazley has written books on several languages including C++, C, Python, and others. David has designed programming courses for software developers, engineers, and scientists.

Python in Practice

Best Python books-Python in Practice

Python in Practice is authored by Mark Summerfield who is an experienced Python programmer. The book provides you information on four crucial themes including compiled Python (Cython), advanced  networking, faster processing through concurrency, design patterns for coding elegance, and graphics.

Learn Python Quickly

Best Python books

Learn Python Quickly has been written by John Rowland in simple language which can be understood by readers of various skill levels. The book provides you with internal hyperlinks which are coupled with external hyperlinks that take you to websites which can help you learn more about the programming language in an effective manner.

The book helps you to understand more on Installing Python, How to use Python’s interactive ‘IDLE’ interface, Basics of the language, and others. John Rowland has more than thirty years experience in programming languages.

Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner

Best Python books-Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner

Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner, 3rd Edition is perfect for beginners. When you feel that you want to learn more about this programming language and do not have any idea on how to go about things, then this book can help you learn the language. The book comes with simple coding samples which can enable you to improvise on your skills.

End of chapters contain games that provide you with the summary of the chapter along with examples that help you understand what you have learned.

Learning Python

Best Python books-Learning Python

Learning Python, 5th Edition contains in-depth information on the core Python language. This book helps you come up with effective code with Python. The book comes with exercises, quizzes, and illustrations which are easy to follow. Some of the things that you can learn through the book include create and process objects with Python statements, and learn Python’s general syntax model.

Core Python Programming

Best Python books-Core Python Programming

Core Python Applications Programming (3rd Edition) (Core Series) is the best book that an experienced Python developer can get hold of. The book comes with updated information on the programming language which you need to know to understand it in a better manner. It teaches you regular expressions, GUIs, SQL/databases/ORMs, Internet/network programming, threading, and Web development.

You can learn professional Python style, best practices, and good programming habits, improve application performance by writing extensions in C/C++, or enhance I/O-bound code with multithreading, and many more.

O’Reilly Python Pocket Reference

Best Python books-O'Reilly Python Pocket Reference

Python Pocket Reference (Pocket Reference (O’Reilly)) is a pocket book that is perfect for regular users of Python. You can find all you want on this programming language including commonly used standard library modules, built-in functions and exceptions, Python types and statements, special method names, other popular Python tools.

Programming Python

Best Python books-Programming Python

Programming Python has been authored by popular Python trainer Mark Lutz. The book contains exercises, quizzes, and helpful illustrations. Some of the things you would have learnt once you read the book are creating and processing objects with Python models, and learn how to avoid code redundancy and reuse previous code.

Python Essential Reference

Best Python books-Python Essential Reference

Python Essential Reference is the updated version and is a overall guide to programming language. The book comes with useful information on many advanced subjects and the Python library which you might not be able to find in other Python documents. When you want to master the programming language, you need to learn the essential functions.

Python In A Day

Best Python books-Python In A Day

Python In A Day 2 provides you with brief and descriptive information on this programming language. If you have little experience on Python and feel like to develop your skills, then this is the perfect book.

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