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Best real estate investing books

Making sound financial investments is the foundation of a safe and prosperous future. Considering the growing world population, emerging economies and the rapid growth of the industries Real Estate is without doubt the best investment.

The trick is to make a wise decision in terms of investing in the right piece of property at the right time, or else you are wasting your time and finances. Below books will give you the much-needed insight into the risk, yet highly profitable world of Real estate investment along with providing you the required approach and tools to turn such investment into a profitable venture.


Best real estate investing books

At Home by Bill Bryson is unlike anything else that you have read before as the author ties in historical events with rooms in his house. He relates each room and the corresponding artefacts to distinct events in history.

The fact that his home is a former Church of England makes this trip even more exciting. This book would help you to relate how a house gets impacted by its surroundings and events In history and offers a unique perspective on real estate valuation.


Best real estate investing books

The Liar’s Ball by Vicky Ward will force you to think again if you think that the real estate investment market is a no-brainer and does not require you to have an intricate understanding of the power play.

This book retells the fascinating life story of Harry Macklowe, who was one of the most notorious real estate players in New York. A lot of wisdom lies in the way Harry used to complete valuation of a property target and then pursue the venture like a hungry wolf.


Best real estate investing books

No (and Low) Money Down by Brandon Turner  is a treasure chest with aspiring real estate enthusiasts and would help you burst the myth behind real estate which states that as long as you have big bucks you can do well in this industry. This book is a real eye-opener due to the critical topics it addresses- Don’t have down the payment for investment no worries – – You do not need to solid financial background to invest in real estate. What you rather need is a sound strategy and some seed money. Discuss strategies for creative investing. Finally, it is your wits against the volatile real estate market, and this makes the need to maintain an edge over the competition even more critical.


Best real estate investing books

The art of flipping houses at will is rarely seen and hard to learn. J. Scott focuses on this skill throughout The Book on Flipping Houses and lays down a number of examples to make your journey as a newbie in the real estate field easier:

Tips on what property to buy based on the seller and location

How to get a top contract at low dollar value… and many more


Best real estate investing books

Whether you like it or not, any successful investor needs to be superb at crunching numbers, and this is not an easy skill to acquire. What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know  by Frank Gallinelli will help you master the numbers and would help you to understand the complex real estate concepts in the simplest way possible. These would include critical concepts such as Net present value, Income based on operating value, maintaining return on equity.

THE Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Best real estate investing books

The basis of deriving sound financial assets and generating a steady income flow is based on your ability to learn and comprehend the underlying model and inherent truths that drive this industry. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller teaches you the rare art of understating the finer aspects of each transaction and focus on building your ‘dream team’ that will support your vision of making serious money in this industry.

Zillow Talk

Best real estate investing books

Zillow Talk by Spencer Rascoff lists out a number of anecdotes that would help you traverse the intricacies of the real estate market while ensuring that you make a profitable deal each time. Should you put your house on the market in spring or winter? Will the location of your house make a bigger dent in the deal than the actual market value of it?

Flipping Houses For Dummies

Best real estate investing books

Flipping Houses For Dummies by Ralph R. Roberts will provide you helpful tips around capturing the foreclosed property market. You would also learn speed negotiating skills to close a deal before another realtor capitalizes on your target property.

We have always been a fan of the ‘dummies’ series and this book is not different. It would walk you down the weary path of real estate business and ensures that it continues to hold your hand at every step of the way.


best real estate investing books

To be a good realtor you should know the laws that are the very cornerstone of the American property market. Real Estate Principles by Jacobus also delves into discussing the various aspects in which the laws and regulations around the property market have transformed to become more conducive for the seller and buyer.

If you have any intention of making it big in the real –estate industry than buying a copy of this book is the best action you can take in the perusal of your long term goals.

The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible

Best real estate investing books

Have you ever heard about real estate wholesaling? If you haven’t, it is time. The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible by Than Merrill will help you cash in on the numerous benefits of doing real estate wholesaling. It resembles day trading I the stock market and with enough practice you can reduce the risk factor while enhancing the profit margins.

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