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Best Romance Books

We love romance books. There’s nothing more exciting and toughing than reading a story of two people falling in love. We even laugh because they finally get married and we cry because of their mutual misunderstanding. The following are 10 best romance books. Welcome to the world of romance!

Best classic romance book-Jane Eyre

best romance books-Jane Eyre

When we speak of the best romantic books, the first one must go to Jane Eyre. Even though you may not read this whole book, you at least read the abstract or heard it or watch certain a movie version of this book.

This edition is most valuable. In addition to the original text of the third edition in 1848, it also includes a letter of Brontë writing to W. S. Williams, her publisher and six essays on this book.


best romance books-Outlander

Outlander tells a story involving time travel. 1945 Claire Randall moves to Scotland with her beloved husband by end of the war. Hiking one day, Claire accidentally disappears in an ancient stone circle and appears in 18th century Scotland, lost, alone and confused…

Gabaldon is a master of telling stories. The story involves betrayal, danger, passion, suspense, passion and true love. Outlander is so realistic and beautifully told that it will make readers addicted to this wonderful tales.

Me Before You

best romance books-Me Before You

Louisa is an ordinary girl and lives an ordinary life. Things begin to change after she accepts a temporary 6-month job to take care of Will Traynor, a quadriplegic. The two are totally different persons and they hate each other. However, as time goes by, the romance is blossoming…
Me Before You is an incredible story that is so painful to read but you simply could not put it down until you finish.

One Lavender Ribbon

best romance books-One Lavender Ribbon

After a bitter divorce, Adrienne Carter from Chicago goes to retreat in Southern Florida living in an old Victorian beach house. Unexpectedly, she finds a tin box in the attic where she discovers letters written by a paratrooper to a young woman once living in the same house over a 50 years earlier.

One Lavender Ribbon is a touching story and those old letters are incredibly romantic and poetic.

Crazy Little Thing

best romance books-Crazy Little Thing

As the bestseller of all kinds and award winners, Crazy Little Thing is a real page turner with enjoyable plot and great characters.
This book is a contemporary romance with a sympathetic heroine, a super-hot hero. After her divorce, Sadie Turner wants to spend the summer with her kids at a lake house. However, what is meant to be a tranquil rest turns into an adventure of romance.

If I Stay

best romance books-If I Stay

If I Stay is the bestselling books on Amazon. If I Stay is a heart wrenchingly beautiful which can change your views about family, love and life.
Mia is left staring at her broken body, while her family lie sprawled around her. She finds herself in a kind of limbo, where she can see, hear and touch, but can’t feel anything. It’s told from the perspective of Mia, exactly speaking, what she sees.

The Witness

best romance books-The Witness

Just like many other books of Nora Roberts, The Witness is an intriguing romance that you are reluctant to put down.

Elizabeth Fitch leads a very sterile and pre-planned life, both physically and emotionally. She says little and reveals nothing. Her strange behaviors cause the attention of Brooks Gleason, The Chief of Police.

The Witness is an excellent book mixed with romance and suspense. You will be impressed by its well defined characters and a totally awesome dog named Bert.

The Thirteenth Tale

best romance books-The Thirteenth Tale

The Thirteenth Tale is a Gothic romantic mystery. Vida Winter, a very famous and reclusive writer, is nearing the end of her life. She wants her amazing life story to be recorded for posterity. For this, Margaret Lea, a young biographer enters into Vida’s live. Margaret Lea is a lonely person and keeps some secrets in her own heart. Then the story begins.

You will be nervous but excited when you are reading this book. The whole book reads like it is told by some Gothic ancestor hundreds of years ago.

The Notebook

best romance books-The Notebook

The Notebook is such an engaging love story that it captures the hearts of millions of readers.

The Notebook written by Nicholas Sparks is a tale of two teenagers, Noah and Allie. They meet in a summer and fall in love. But Allie’s parents do not approve of their relationship for Noah does not have the education, money, or social prominence. They have to asperate but they can’t forget each other. After more than 10 years, they meet each again while Allie is going to marry another man. What will happen to the two lovers?

Fifty Shades of Grey

best romance books-Fifty Shades of Grey

A beautiful, wit, innocent and independent literature student meets a brilliant, beautiful and intimidating young entrepreneur. What will happen to them? Desire, love or secret?

Fifty Shades of Grey is an amusing, deeply moving and erotic at the same time. This tale will seize your interest and heart.

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