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Best Stephen King books

Revival: A Novel

Best Stephen King books

Revival: A Novel is an unusually dark and electrifying piece by Stephen King as it explores the part of human nature which mostly lurks in subconscious darkness.

This story starts in a small New England town that is visited by Minister Jacobs,which kick starts events completely transforming the city. The rest of the book takes a twisted dark turn with an ending thatonly the maestro Stephen King can devise.

Mr. Mercedes

Best Stephen King books

Mr. Mercedes is another masterstroke by Stephen King and is the story of an unsolved crime, a disappointed police officer and a repeat criminal with a diabolical evil in mind.

Stephen King has always been credited with creating edge of the seatthrillers, but what is even more amazing is his insight into the disturbing human mind and the ability to marry one sinister plot to another. This novel will get your pulse racing as you see unlikely alliances to stop a horrific crime.

Doctor Sleep

Best Stephen King books

Doctor Sleep picks up where ‘The Shinning’ lift with the young Dave now growing into a competent yet disturbing individual. He lives a quiet life and uses his shining to help dying patients in a hospital.

He there meets a girl with a stronger shining than he has ever seen or heard of, the rest of the novel is a race against time and evil powers to save this women while Dave fights off his childhood demons.


Best Stephen King books

Joyland is set in the rather surprising background of an amusement park and what seems nothing like a Stephen King creation in the beginning quickly takes shape to another one of his quintessential pieces.

The story revolves around a college student working one summer at an amusement park, and the fate of a dying child wed together in a fashion that only Stephen King can achieve.

Under to Dome

Best Stephen King books

Under to Dome is the story of a rather cheerful town of Chester Mill in Maine which suddenly gets sealed off from the rest of the world. For some reason and cause, a globe like strange force field has formed around the town that has separated a few inhabitants from their families as well.

The rest of the book deals with this mysterious is happening and would awe you as one by one the folds come off explaining this phenomenon and how the story ends.

The Wind Through the Keyhole

Best Stephen King books

The Wind Through the Keyhole is an installment in the widely popular, chilling, and yet satisfying Dark Tower series. The Wind through the Keyhole tells the story of a few individuals caught in the midst of a ferocious storm and decide to spend some time sharing some stories. Two stories are told in a Stephen King trademark manner that transforms the way they perceive each other and themselves forever.


Best Stephen King books

Few would believe that the masterful suspense and horror storyteller Stephen King would ever have stepped into the sci-fi realm dealing with time travel. With 11/26/63, Stephen King does exactly that by portraying janitor Harry and his journey into the past to prevent the assassination of Kennedy. The rest of the story reveals an incredible flow of events that would end up redefining the course of history.

The Shinning

Best Stephen King books

The Shinning is the most probably the most celebrated work of Stephen King and trumps any other thriller novel ever written. This story starts with a sinister setting of a hotel that shuts down during winter with no one else than a caretaker and his family to take care of its vast empty halls and corridors. What follows is a haunting depiction of a man losing his sanity while a boy finds about his unique Shinning.

The Stand

Best Stephen King books

The Stand is Stephen King’s take on the widely popular post-apocalyptic world where a super flu has wiped off 99% of the human population of the planet. The few who are spared now have to choose between two major factions and be a participant in the fight for the final fate of the society.

The Gunslinger

Best Stephen King books

Although The Gunslinger of Stephen King may seem dated (published in 1978) it has not lost any steam at all. This book introduces the readers to the last gunslinger and is a real spark for the Dark Tower series.

This book deals with intervening stories that go across worlds and time. This book depicts Roland of Gilead take on sinister and bizarre powers as he embarks on a journey that transcends time and space.

It is nervewracking to follow Roland’s journey across desolate lands while he comes face to face with adversaries that are far beyond comprehension and understanding of the human mind. This book is what separates Stephen King from any other writerof the century in his trademark thriller and horror genre.

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