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Best Tablet for College

Due to the many advantages of tablet, they are ideal for being used by students and the students are thrilled about it, because they are not boring like textbooks. Even schools and colleges are supporting it.

So if you are a college student and want to buy a tablet to help you in studies, then you should consider the following things while selecting the right device.  (See more electronics review here.)

Best Tablet for College

How to Choose

  • The price: The first thing you should consider before buying the tablet is your budget. Get a rough idea of how much money you want to spend on a tablet, keeping in mind your other expenses. In the case of tablets, there are so many options available in the market that you can find a good tablet in any price range by compromising a little bit. But the same thing cannot be said for your other needs.
  • Configuration: The configuration is the most important aspect of any electronic device. It includes things like central processor, RAM, graphics processor, internal memory, etc. You should decide these things very carefully.

If you get a lower configuration than required, then the device will not be able to do all the tasks. And if the configuration is higher, then you would have wasted the money. Don’t consider just your present requirements. You wouldn’t be changing the tablet every few months. Keep your future requirements in mind to take a better decision.

  • Size & durability: Tablets come in different screen sizes, varying from 7 inches to 11 inches. The overall size of the tablet is slightly bigger than the screen. Bigger screen might seem better at the time, but also make the device bulky. If portability is an issue for you, then select a lower screen size, otherwise select a bigger one. Also, give importance to durability. Your tablet will have to handle a few bumps, for sure.
  • Battery life: You wouldn’t be getting any time during and between the classes to charge the device. So, your device should be capable of running at least 6 to 8 hours.

If you consider all these things very carefully while selecting a tablet for yourself, you will never regret your decision.To make this decision easier for you, some of the tablets that are considered to be the best for students are mentioned below.

Apple iPad Air

Best Tablet for College

There would be no college student in the world who doesn’t know how great Apple devices are. iPad Air has a very sleek design and is extremely light in weight. Sometimes, you might even forget that you are holding it. Touch is very smooth, and display is just real.

No other tablet has  a good camera like this one. The processor is very powerful. You will never have a problem with its speed. The only drawback of this device is that it is a little expensive. You will have to spend up to $400 to get one of these. See Apple iPad Air review.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Best Tablet for Kid

Samsung is known for making economic and high-performance devices. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 has a nice 10 inch screen that is enough for any kind of task. It has a strong and rugged body, so it is good for the rough handlers.

The processor, RAM, screen resolution, etc., are also enough for most of the college based tasks. Its battery life is expected to be 10 hours. The internal memory can be expanded with the help of micro SD card. Its price is $300. See Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 review.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Best Tablet for College

The configuration of Microsoft Surface Pro is less like a tablet and more like a laptop. In no other handheld device, you will get such a powerful processor and GPU. The 4GB RAM and 128GB hard disk are also more than any other tablet.

This device can do anything you want. And the best part is that it runs on Windows OS. So, all the applications that you run on your desktop or laptop can also be run on your tablet. However, due to these features the weight and the price have also increased. It can cost you $500. See Microsoft Surface Pro review.

Kindle Fire HDX

Best Tablet for College

Kindle Fire HDX is for those who are going to be use the device less for reading books and more for watching movies, playing games, etc. The tablet is dedicated to entertainment.

The quality of the display is unbelievable. You wouldn’t have seen anything like it. Screen size is a perfect 8.9 inches, which is neither small nor big. Both the cameras are very good. Price of the device is a very reasonable $300. See Kindle Fire HDX review.

Chromo Tablet

Best Tablet for Kid

It is not possible, and necessary, for everyone to spend so much on a tablet. For such people, device like Chromo is easier to get. It is a 7 inch tablet with all the necessary features. The best thing about it is the look, which is cool. Its price is about $150. See Chromo Tablet review.

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