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Best Tablet with Keyboard

Tablet are amazing devices, but there is an obvious drawback that they don’t have a keyboard. No matter how convenient touch screen is, but you cannot acquire a good typing speed. However, now that problem has been solved with the introduction of Two in One computers.

Best Tablet with the Keyboard

These computers have the advantages of both laptops and a tablet. They act like a laptop, with the option to detach the screen. Unlike traditional laptops, the processor, battery, and all the other hardware, are in the display section. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of these new generation devices.

What you get

  • Easy typing: This is the obvious advantage as you can acquire greater typing speeds while using a traditional keyboard. The reason behind this is that in a touch screen keyboard, you cannot feel the keyboards. For a good typing speed, you need to figure out the relative position of the keys. It cannot be done using a touch screen.
  • Faster operation: Most people think that the mouse is crucial for using a computer. Well, the computer experts might disagree. Most of the computer scientists, hackers, , highly rely on keyboard shortcuts to get the work done quickly. Even a touch screen cannot match the speed of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Better hardware: Because these tablets with keyboard need to work as laptops too, so the hardware used in them is better than standard While most of the normal tablets have 1GB RAM, these new tablets have 4GB. It also means that the heavy applications that could not be run on tablets earlier can run now.
  • Economics: Now, that the same device is acting both laptop as well as a tablet, you do not need to spend money on two It will be very helpful for your budget.
  • Convenience: If you have been working with a separate laptop and tablet then you must have at least sometimes wished that both your devices were completely synchronized. You must have wished that the file created on one device be automatically created on other and the application installed in one be automatically installed in other. Well, your wishes can be realized with this device.

Now, that you are completely familiar with all the facts that make keyboard tablets a better choice, we should start working to find the right choice for you. So, let us take a look at some of the popular options.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Best Tablet with the Keyboard


Microsoft Surface Pro was one of the first keyboard tablets that got liked by the customers. It is an excellent device. The hardware is powerful, and also it can completely replace your laptop and tablet, just for $500. Its processor, RAM, hard disk, etc., is comparable to laptops.

Also, being a device from such a famous company, like Microsoft, means that there can be no issues with it. Windows OS ensures that you can install all the applications onto your device. We wouldn’t be out of line to say that it is a perfect device. However, nothing is perfect. So, it has a drawback, and that is its weight. The powerful hardware makes it heavy. See Microsoft Surface Pro review.

Lenovo Yoga Multimode

Best Tablet with the Keyboard

While most of the keyboard tablets are laptops inspired by tablets, Lenovo Yoga Multimode is the opposite. It is literally a tablet with the keyboard. All the features are just like a tablet.

It has the Android OS, 1GB RAM, and a 1.2 GHz processor. It is ideal for those who need a long running device, because it has an unbelievable 18-hour battery life. Its price is $270.

HP Pro X2

Best Tablet with the Keyboard

The features of HP Pro X2 are almost similar to Surface Pro. It is also a powerful device, and there is hardly any difference in processing.

However, the experience is not exquisite as the touch is not that smooth. Still, it is an excellent device when it comes to weight there as there is no other computer lighter than this one. It earns a lot of points for this device but the high price works against it. As It is priced at $750.

Nextbook tablet

Best Tablet with the Keyboard

Nextbook tablet is a good alternative for those who cannot afford the expensive options. The reason for a lower price is that the company is relatively new in the market.

The hardware is comparable to those mini laptops. You will have to compromise a little, but most of your requirements will be fulfilled. You can get this device just for $250.

Acer Iconia

Best Tablet with the Keyboard

Design of Acer Iconia is a little different and exciting. Whether this design turns out to be useful for you or not completely depends on your preferences. The configuration is good, and the display is great. But it also has a weight issue, and It cannot be held by one hand for long. It is priced at $550.

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