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Best Weight Loss Diet

There are several ways to lose weight, the best being through exercise and eating right. Some people chose dieting for losing weight; however, there are several ways you can diet right instead of just starving one’s self.

Calories Rules - The first way is to watch your calories. Pay attention to the nutrition guidelines on food products. Go by their serving suggestion and no more than that. Eat the proper amount of calories required. The amount of calories that one should be taking in can be calculated according to your age, weight, height, gender and how much exercise you do.

Here are 50 foods recommended under 100 calories: (click to view larger images)

Weight Loss Diet - food calories

For example, a 23-year-old woman weighing about 105 pounds and standing at five feet tall who does minimal to no exercise, will need between 1400-1600 calories a day to maintain her weight whereas a 23-year old man weighing 185 pounds, standing at six feet tall and doing the same amount of exercise as the woman, will need between 2000-2200 calories a day.

To lose weight at a decent and safe pace through dieting would be to eat fewer calories of course. If you wish to calculate your own calories without the need of a physician or coach, a helpful tool is to visit www.calorieking.com/interactive-tools/how-many-calories-should-you-eat?

Balanced Diet – The second way to lose weight through dieting is to follow a basic food group’s chart. Following such a chart will help one keep a balanced diet, which also helps in maintaining and even losing weight. Of course, everyone is different and for some people, they may need more of one food group than the other. This leads to my third way to lose weight.

Weight Loss Diet

What to avoid – Avoid artificial sugars as much as possible. Sure that donut on display looks delicious and tempting, but this is one of those times you definitely need to resist temptation. Instead of adding sugar to your coffee, add honey, as long as it is all natural. If you have a hankering for that chocolate bar you stashed in your work desk drawer, through it out! Or give it to someone else. Having it within your possession is a temptation to eat that nonessential goodness. Next time stash banana in your drawer instead. Just make sure you eat that banana before it goes bad.

Avoid red meats. All that fat will just add to the fat you are trying to lose. Try chicken or even fish. Those protein choices have less fat in them than a steak or pork chop. However, you want to eat these with consideration as well and chose bake over fried. Fried food, even if it is chicken or fish, is unhealthy with all the grease and oils they sit in. Offered are a few books that could help one better their dieting and improve their weight loss.

We Recommend

Appetite for Reduction

Weight Loss Diet

As the book Appetite for Reduction= suggest, it offers over a hundred recipes only 200-400 calories per serving that are low in saturated fat and sugar, but high in fiber and without the need to give up your favorite types of foods.

Without the fats you would find in animal related products, you’ll be able to lose weight with these vegan recipes but will still be able to enjoy such foods as lasagna and barbecue. You’ll also find lots of gluten-free and soy-free options and have dinner on the table within thirty minutes or less.

Eat to Live

Weight Loss Diet

The book Eat to Live explains how and why eating the wrong foods can cause the desire to eat unnecessary calories. Such foods include anything processed like soda, which offer unnecessary calories and unneeded sugar as well as other chemicals your body can do without.

The book also includes a six-week plan and instructs readers on how to avoid addictions to unhealthy foods one can improve their health and their ability to live a longer life.

The Skinnytaste Cookbook

Weight Loss Diet

Based on her blog, The Skinnytaste Cookbook offers low-calorie recipes from natural foods. Such recipes include low in sugar and butter-free but still satisfying recipes. The book also offers some insight into Gina’s life and how she began to realize the importance of Skinnytaste in her own experience of weight control.

She had tried strict but tedious diet but found that hard and boring. Yes, you become fitter, but life goes boring that way.  Then she came cross the idea of   “skinny-fying” satisfying foods in which way she could eat as before but loss weight. This book will help you do the same; eat your favorite meals while skinny-fying yourself.

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