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Best Weight Loss Plans

Over the course of time, we have tried different methods of losing weight. They have tried such thing They have tried dieting, whether that is eating less or even following a strict water-based diet.

Despite whatever results that are seen with these “diets”, they are not the right way to go. Sure, water is a healthier option than a can of soda, but only water? They don’t always work and most importantly, lead to some serious health problems.Take a look at our useful tips and great books now. They will help you with the perfect wight loss plans!

Best Weight Loss Plans

Eat when you are hungry, not bored

The best way to eat right is to avoid unnecessary sugars and fats. Fruits and vegetables are always a great way to go for a healthy and nutritious meal. A few more tips to eating right are to eat the amount offered in a serving, and only that. Eat when you are hungry, not bored. However, don’t wait too long. If you wait too long to eat, you may actually end up eating more than necessary.

Try portioning your food-the less on your plate, the less you feel you need to eat. Some people feel the need to finish everything on their plate, despite being full. Try a smaller portion first and if you are still hungry, eat another small portion. Eventually you’ll fill yourself up without over doing it.

Start from easy exercises

Although going to the gym can help one shred those pounds and gain muscle, it’s not always necessary to leave your home to work out. Some prefer a rather relaxing activity to lose weight but there aren’t too many of those at the gym.

You can do little exercise tricks such as walking five minutes every two hours or walking up and down the stairs several times. The CDC reports that (assuming you don’t start eating more) you can shed up to ten pounds a year with a ten-minute walk on the stairs a day.

We Recommend

Forks Over Knives

Best Weight Loss Plans

Forks Over Knives offers a whole-foods diet with hundreds of new recipes. Along with the contributors, Sroufe transforms wholesome fruits, grains, and vegetables into beautiful meals. There are recipes for every meal, from a berry smoothie for breakfast all the way to Apricot Fig Squares for dessert.

The Body Book

Best Weight Loss Plans

isn’t just about trying to lose a certain amount of weight and look great in a designated amount of time. It is about a long-term approach to making good choices and reaching the ultimate goal of living a long, healthy and happy life.

Another book that will help one with their journey to a healthier life and body is that of a rather well known woman. She is more known for her acting career and starring in such roles as a high school dream girl in “There’s Something About Mary” and as a high-maintenance princess in “Shrek” – Cameron Diaz. Diaz’s book, The Body Book : The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body shares her process for being happier, strong and living healthier. It is based on science as well as her own personal experience.

Despite her amazing physique, Diaz was not always health-conscious herself. She too learned about the link between nutrition and the body and educated herself about the best ways to care for her body.

In her book, Diaz shares her discovery about the connection between nutrition, exercise with the body and mind. She explains the value of vitamins and minerals and the importance to embrace the body’s hunger and fill it with whole nutrient-dense foods. She also covers the essential role of movement and the importance muscle and bone strength.

The Biggest Loser: The Workout – Weight Loss Yoga

Best Weight Loss Plans

The next tip comes in DVD form. Weight Loss Yoga is a great way to get fit without leaving your home. Yoga is more known as a stress buster, but it is also helps lose weight by increasing insulin sensitivity which signals your body to burn food for energy rather than storing it as at.

Led by one of the show’s instructors, Bob Harper, you can achieve “pound-shedding results” in six to eight weeks with a workout as little as an hour a day. Fifty-five minutes to be exact. This DVD offers three separate yoga workouts with 5-minute warm-up and cool down sections and with the menu option you can practice the workout in any order that you wish.

Besides having the handsome Bob Harper instructing you, you’ll see that instead of fit people working alongside him, the other people on the screen on also yoga students, just like you. By having these average Joes and Janes, you can better relate to them.So no more unhealthy diet plans. No more strain to lose those extra pounds. Follow these tips and check out the given books and DVD for help to live longer and healthier.

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