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Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter Review

Effie XuReviewed By: Rating: ★★★★½ (4.5) Updated On: Aug 26, 2014

Especially formulated by the line of experts to pamper your skin like never before, Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter  is used every year in over 70,000 bliss spa massage centers worldwide. Being one of the most effective and luxurious skin softening formulas, it is causing quite a stir and momentum making it one of the best-selling products from Bliss

Infused with coconut oil, antioxidants and sodium hyaluronate for a long lasting hydration formula, it makes your skin soft, smooth and supple that you would not resist touching throughout the day. Use it after shower for a delightful spa-like experience. The refreshing scent lingers on for several hours after application. Within just a few weeks of using it your skin will have a noticeably different story to tell.

Priced at $29.00 for a 6.7 fl. oz. pack, this luxurious moisturizing formula might look a little overpriced, but once you indulge in its delightful experience, you’ll definitely find it worth every penny. Though other moisturizing lotions are available at competitive prices, this superior quality skin softening formula assures sheer luxury like no other.

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For those who have an eye for smartly packaged products, this body butter moisturizing lotion represents luxury personified. Available in a beautiful squeeze bottle, the cap opening assures sufficient amount for an application on squeezing. The 6.7 fl. oz. pack assures convenience in carrying while you are on move, at work or travelling long distances.

Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter Review


Imagine yourself in an orchid of the most sumptuous and juicy oranges you have ever seen or desired for! The craving for that perfect fruit comes naturally with the invigorating scent of bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter. The scent is subtly sweet but cheerfully aromatic. The white pepper scent balances the fragrance and makes it easy on the nose and not overbearing.

Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter Review


This product is neither too heavy, nor too light giving you just the right mix to wear all day long without any hassles. Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter is beautifully creamy. This incredible lotion is just the perfect supplement that blends really well with the skin and gets absorbed within no time. Even a dab of it offers sheer pleasure to the dry skin.

Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter Review


Be it your gardening/kitchen experiences or change in weather, whatever be the cause for making your skin dry and flaky, this wonder product can potentially smoothen, soften and hydrate your skin perfectly. For those prone to extremely dry skin during winters, this incredible lotion can repair their skin giving a silky and smooth appearance.
Apply a dab of this body butter to the dry skin and spread evenly. The rich creamy formula will restore the lost moisture without being greasy and the delicate scent will keep you fresh.


Constituting coconut oil for extra softness, Vitamin – E for deep nourishment and Sodium Hyaluronate to lock moisture, it offers a superior skin rejuvenating formula. Other ingredients are as follows:

Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter Review

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Highly Recommended
Summary: Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter is an ultra rich body moisturizer. It is wildly popular with its refreshing scent and deep hydrating effect.
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