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Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Review

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 Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation is quite popular in the makeup world, mainly for having a natural finish and make you skin looks like has no makeup on. Let’s check what is so unique about this product and how does it feel when put on the skin.


A neat little thick glass bottle with a plastic dark colored cap is sold in various beauty-care shops across the world. The 30ml or 1.7 oz of this foundation must be kept air tight and sans direct sunlight. There are 20 shades of this foundation.

Once the black cap is opened, a plastic pump is seen. This dispenser is quite controllable and allows only the required portion to come out. The quantity is also less for each pump. The effortless dispenser can be locked to stop any leakage – incase the bottle tilts.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Review


The texture of the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation is watery. The base flows on the skin and at once, a relief is felt on the skin. Normally, 3-4 drops of the foundation is required. Facial brush is used to smear the entire foundation on the face – starting from the center and ending on the outer edge of the face. Red marks, black spots, acne or rashes are concealed through this foundation.

The liquid takes few minutes to dry up, making the skin feel light and comfortable. It does not dry the face nor does it make it dewy. The skin looks radiant and roughness or marks in the skin disappear. The skin also looks youthful and hydrated. It feels good soon after applying the liquid on the face.

The foundation is buildable and provides moderate coverage. If needed, users may daub another layer of foundation as well. The face does not turn cakey nor lose its natural color. In fact, the face tones up and the pores disappear. There is a natural look on the face. In other words, the Bobbi Brown Skin treatment is a sheer foundation that gives a matte finish to the face. However, as the skin tones up and hydrates, the skin looks fresh and neat.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Review


There may be a subtle whiff once the foundation bottle is opened and put on a palette. However, this scent soon disappears and does not seem to bother the user. The fragrance can be a combination of various elements found in the foundation. Some users feel that there is a strong smell of lavender. The floral-herbal scent soon vanishes and the foundation cannot be detected.


At any age, skin may become rough, parched, rash-prone, or fluffy. For untreated skin, any makeup can damage it further. The Bobbi Brown skin foundation hydrates, tones, and smoothens. There are hydrating elements which provides moisture to the dehydrated skin. The latent moisture in the skin is also not allowed to escape.

The foundation works wonders for dry skin as it looks radiant. For oily skins, some amount of face powder and primer may be put in. The weightless coverage seems that no makeup has been put at all. Skin imperfections are smoothly removed. The skin feels calm.

The product is long-lasting makeup treatment. So, ladies who need to venture out in the Sun or who need to stay in office for long hours can put this makeup and stay fresh throughout the day. The SPF 15+ property in the foundation suggests that the product has certain elements that help to ward off the ultra-violet rays of the Sun.

However, skin specialists say that such a small amount of the product with SPF 15+ spectrum will not be able to block entire rays that hit the skin. So, if you are going out in the Sun, consider using a sunscreen moisturizer to help your skin from getting sunburn.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Review


Common ingredients found in the foundation include nearly 8 percent of octinoxate, and 1 percent of titanium dioxide. This help to act as a sunscreen. There are some amount of Lauryl PEG-9 Polydimethylsiloxyethyl Dimethicone, Methyl Trimethicone, Neopentyl, Glycol, Diethylhexanoate, HDI and Trimethylol Hexyllactone Crosspolymer, which act as hydrating agents. They help to moist the skin and restore its hydrating powers. Other constituents include glycol, boron oxide, talc, glycerin, Stearic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Dimethicone, Aluminum Dimyristate, Lecithin, myristic acid, silica, sodium citrate, Chlorphenesin, sorbic acid, and Phenoxyethanol.


Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation: A perfect hassle-free treatment to the skin that has a day-long effect. However, it comes with a whooping cost of $78. Not unless you get a suitable discounted product, it really pinches your pocket.

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Summary: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation is a light coverage foundation, which gives you a natural finish that looks like your own skin.
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