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Chromo Inc 7 Tab Review

Parents who are shopping for not pricey yet durable and efficient tablet for their kids can easily settle for Chromo Inc 7 Tab. The gadget has a passionate appeal for those who are not looking for a high-end and high resolution tablet but want to enjoy gaming or playbacks from a moderate and hassle-free gadget. Yet, will you choose this one in particular among the many found with a similar price? Read on to pick the right solution.

Chromo Inc 7 Tab Review

Speed of Chromo Inc 7 Tab

The low-end tablet is stable as it has Android OS. There are high-performance AllWinner A13 and Cortex A8 dual processors. The processors are noted for its speed at about 1.2 GHz. There is 512MB of RAM, 4GB of memory, and 32GB of additional storage capacity – MicroSD card can be easily attached). The efficient processing unit allows the gadget to work brilliantly and take up a heavy load. The computing technology is just right for those who love to play video games. The tablet is equipped with a G-sensor (accelerator) that helps to create the right interface for racing games. It is also possible to click properly-aligned portrait or landscape images through the accelerator.

Chromo Inc 7 Tab Review on Display

The Chrome 7-inch tablet offers a resolution of only 800×480 pixels – that does not produce high quality images. However, the capacitive 5-point touchscreen offers users the convenience of using the tablet with a few touches. For instance, one can get accurate results and perform display functions, such as zooming, effortlessly. There are provisions to attach external keyboard, 3G modem, flash and HDD drives. There is an audio jack as well. However, the sound is little muffled as compared to other tablets in the market. The display is just right for 3D games as well as those who are interested to read content from e-books. The font size and style can be tweaked as per the requirement of the user.

Chromo Inc 7 Tab Review

Chromo Inc 7 Tab Camera

The multimedia enabled Chromo Inc 7 Tab has only one 1.3MP front camera. One can take decent pictures of JPG, Giff, PNG, and BMP files and also capture mesmerizing videos. However, critical photographers will not be satisfied with the resolution of the images from this tablet. There is no rear camera as well. Those interested in images and photos are likely to choose a high-end Chrome tablet instead.

Battery Life of Chromo Inc 7 Tab

A 2200mAh Lithium-ion battery is available that modestly allows the show to go on. Kids can use 3D accelerator to play 3D games, view heavy graphic videos and images, and listen to MP3 audios. The working time is usually from 2 to 4 hours. However, the battery is rechargeable. There is an AC adapter supporting 240 volt that allows recharging.

Chromo Inc 7 Tab Portability

The trendy white-colored piece just weighs 275 grams and has dimensions 7 x 0.25 x 4.75 inches that easily allow users to carry it like a lightweight book. Its portability is a dream for many tech-savvy kids who love to send mails while moving from one location to another. Although there are no facilities for Bluetooth and GPS usage, users can connect the tablet wirelessly and sent emails, browse the net, or talk online over Skype. The tablet is packed with a mini USB port, TF card slot, and DC and earphone jacks. There is a Micro USB cable and an adapter packed with the tablet kit.

The leather casing has micro suede inner lining along with elastic band, which protects the tablet from external pressure, dirt, scratches, and moisture. There is also a built-in stand that helps viewers to see a movie conveniently. This facility can also be used while typing out text.

Chromo Inc 7 Tab Review

Help and Customer Support

Manufactured and marketed by Chromo, the company has an online presence no doubt. But, there is no clear reference to customer support or warranty option. The website also does not refer to the brick-n-mortar office of the company. However, buyers requiring assistance in troubleshooting can send a mail to the company or check out the user manual (available as a PDF) of the gizmo.

So, if you are looking for handy piece, Chromo Inc 7 tab will give you the joy.


At a low cost of only $ 50, buyers can dream of getting an efficient mini PC for their young ones. Additionally, the handy tool is durable. The tablet is good enough to entertain kids by allowing them to play mindboggling games, listen to music, share videos and images with friends and family. If the battery goes down, it is only required to recharge it for further use – so, no extra cost for incessant use of the gizmo.

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Pros – Good value for money, speedy dual-core processor, wireless connectivity, and access to Google Play.
Cons – not a very powerful battery, average display and camera resolutions, and poor customer care service.

Review Overall

Summary: Chromo Inc 7 tab is an affordable tablet with high quality.
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