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Clarins Double Serum Review

As you can tell I’m a huge fan of Clarins skincare products, so there is no way I would miss the recent biggest launch of Clarins. The Clarins Double Serum is a product that has the function of anti-aging, and has received so many good comments and beauty awards during last year.

Cool Packaging & Texture

I am not one of the members of the “into appearance club”, but the packaging of the Clarins Double Serum really caught my eyes at the first sight. The bottle is well-designed and has a classy brown color. From the two different material of the bottle we can tell that there are two different kinds of liquid in it. This revolutionary double chamber and pump design is one of the biggest selling point of this serum. Like other Clarins serums, this one comes with a nice pump too, which is probably my favourite design. Cause pumps can keep the products clean and make it easier to take the exact amount of the product as you wanted. Again, big thumbs up for the packaging.

Clarins Double Serum Review

The texture is another special thing about this serum. Similar with the HydraQuench Intensive Serum (for complete review, click here), the Double Serum also has a very fluid texture, a little bit oily but can be absorbed by the skin quickly. When you first pump the serum out of the bottle, you can clearly see the two different liquid, one appears to be brown and the other is transparent.

Clarins Double Serum Review

How to Apply?

I only use this serum at night under my night cream, because I think it would make my face too greasy during the day and reduce the wear of my makeup. After toner, warm it up on your palms.Gently press onto clean face and neck before cream. The slight oily texture makes my skin soft and glamour the next morning.

Clarins Double Serum Review

Does It Work?

At first I was a little bit concerned that anti-aging products may leave a greasy touch, but after two weeks of using, it didn’t turn my skin oily or make it break out, instead my skin feel more stable after using this.

For now, I feel the serum has really work well to reduce the aging sign on my face, for example, those little expression lined can easily been find at my for-head especially during the night time of the day. But if I apply this serum before sleep, those lines will disappear in a few hours. Also daily use of this serum makes my skin tone looks even and brighter. The only concern about this product is that maybe it won’t be suitable for super oily or sensitive skin type.


The complete ingredient:

Clarins Double Serum ingredients

Extract of Organic Lemon Thyme,Banana, and Bocoa can sooth wrinkles and make your skin firmer.The extracts from kiwi fruit and katafray help the skin repair from damages.Organic Musk Rose oil and Maritime Pine help the skin  rejuvenile effectively.

Review Overall

Summary: It’s a good serum for prevent aging, so I would recommend women between age 25-35 use it. But if you already have winkles, I’m afraid that this serum won’t have the magic to erase them. If your skin is allergic to mineral oil, you should stay away from this serum, because the oil component of Double Serum is mineral oil. Other than that, the Clarins Double Serum is worth trying.
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