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Ectaco jetBook Color 2 Review

Till recently, e-readers have mostly supported monochrome format that suited reading up text from various e-books. Ectaco jetBook Color 2 not only favors book reading with black-n-white text, it also supports color text, images, and videos. Don’t think that it offers what smartphones or LCD-screen tablets provide. The JetBook Color2 from Ectaco has an anti-reflection, no-glare screen with E-Ink technology – the one which e-readers use. So, why is the Color2 so different from the other e-readers? Why is it also so costly? Check out some basic facts about Ectaco jetBook Color 2 before buying the e-reader for your child.


Readability of Ectaco jetBook Color 2

Ectaco jetBook Color 2 has been made just for students of all age groups. It displays colorful images which not only attracts students but also help them to understand graphs, diagrams, and illustrations. The e-reader is not just for reading storybooks or news. It has educational software, interactive periodic table, SAT preparatory modules, and applications to pursue mathematical calculations and scientific deductions. In short, it opens a vista of online classroom curriculum for students who are studying intermediate or graduation courses.


Naturally, at many instances, colored images are a must. It attracts the young readers too. The screen is made from E-Ink Triton display that has Triton Imaging Film. The technology offers crisp and sharp text, precise images with exact color combinations, and perfect reading even under direct sunlight. There is a front-lit option, faster refresh rate, seamless interaction with the web and any e-book, and more.

At a glance, the JetBook Color 2 looks as if the ultimate display has arrived. However, the screen resolution is not that high (although the company claims to provide 1200×1600 ppi). The fact is that the Triton screen filters light in a way that a much lower resolution is seen. The screen also looks little grayish than the displays of the other e-readers in the market.

Ectaco jetBook Color 2 Portability

A huge display of 9.7 inch shows that JetBook Color 2 is not a small and lightweight e-reader. In fact, the e-reader has multiple functions and provides a good view of the text (similar to a magazine). To integrate various utilities of the e-reader, the gadget is rather heavy and weighs nearly 700 grams. It is also bulky with a dimension of about (270 x 188 x 11.5) mm.

Nevertheless, it includes a convenient carrying case. It also supports wireless connectivity, CPen support, and a rechargeable battery that allows 10,000 page turns in a single charge. In short, users can study, write, calculate, or draw while travelling without the fear of getting disconnected from their studies.

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Feature of Ectaco jetBook Color 2

The Triton-based e-reader displays file formats, such as Adobe DRM 9.1, Mobi, PRC, ePub, RTF, TXT, PDF, djvu, FB2, and various image formats. The robust computing technology includes ARM Cortex A8 CPU and Freescale-origin i.MX508 800MHz processors. Powered by 4GB hard disk, the e-reader is equipped to store huge amount of data. Another 32GB can be stored if MicroSD card is attached to the e-reader. The Triton 2 display supports 2*2 pixels of red, green, blue, and white colors. It uses a rectangle color filter that allows 4096 degrees of color. Each of these hues supports 16 levels. The gizmo is suited for classroom education. Moreover, the e-reader is bundled with utilities that can help students to study conveniently. There are scientific calculators, metric converting tools, games, organizer, dictionaries, crosswords, text-to-speech output, electronic grammar book, and many more such educational utilities.


The detailed educational tools show that the Ectaco JetBook Color 2 makers were determined to make this e-reader a versatile and handy tool for learners. The robust computing technology also supports its endeavor. However, the new Triton technology that gives colored display has still rooms for improvement. A critic may not fancy the e-reader has it is weighty.

Customer Support

Ectaco offers a user-friendly customer service. The website has a support section that has various reference guidelines to use the e-reader. There are user manuals and quick start documents in PDF formats. The manuals are also available in various languages as well, such as English, Russian, and German. There is also a 1-year limited warranty offered to Ectaco JetBook Color 2 e-reader.


At a price of around $550, the e-reader is quite expensive. Many parents will perhaps think twice before handing over the pricey (though entertaining) gadget to their young ones, lest they should lose it.

All in all, Ectaco has made a brave try to gift a handy and educational gizmo to the budding learners today through its JetBook Color 2 e-reader. If money is not an issue and your child can easily handle the bulky tool, the e-reader can be a good purchase. The gizmo is especially a wonderful gift for a tech-savvy student who is preparing for competitive exams.

Ectaco jetBook Color 2 $549.99

Review Overall

Summary: As the Ectaco jetBook Color 2 is the only colorful eBook Reader in our top 10, and the 9.7 inches display also can attract a number of buyers. But We encourage the buyer to reconsider the needs of a colorful eBook, as the price and the weight of Ectaco jetBook Color 2 are not customize enough.
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