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Enom Review

enom reviewBeing a part of an industry-leading-leading domain name services company Rightside, Enom (www.enom.com) is a US-based web hosting provider, which makes it possible for individuals and organizations to purchase and sell Internet domain names and web hosting services.

In below article, we will review Enom web hosting service from some aspects, such as features, price, overall performance as well as customer service to help webmasters figure out whether the company is a great choice for them to host their websites.

Enom Web Hosting is Affordable

First of all, let’s check the price of Enom. At this company, there are three different hosting solutions for webmasters to choose from, namely Just The Basics, Best Value, Business and the price of each plan is set at $4.88/mo, $8.00/mo and $17.6/mo respectively. So it is easy for us to make a conclusion that the price offered by Enom is affordable.

As for the policy of money back guarantee, we are sorry to tell Enom customers that we do not find any information related to it. In this way, webmasters may shoulder some risks when hosting with this company.

Rich Features Come with Enom Web Hosting Plans

It is acknowledged that rich features play a key role for webmasters to run their websites easily. And we are delighted to tell Enom webmasters that they can get ample features at this company.

Let’s take the entry level plan, Just The Basics as an example. It contains 20GB disk space, 200GB monthly data transfer, up to 50 hosted domains and 15 MySQL databases. In addition, Enom entry level plan also supports CentOS 5 64 bit server operating system, SMTP, POP3, 24/7 FTP access, HTML, JavaScript, Apache ASP, PHP 5.2x, SSI, CGI/ Perl, Python, Zend Optimizer, PHP eAcellerator and Dreamweaver and some other features.

In respect of usability, Enom offers Plesk control panel to its customers. With this kind of control panel, it is easy for webmasters to handle their files, websites, email accounts and more.

The Overall Performance Guaranteed by Enom Is Not So Great

When compared the overall performance of Enom with some reputable web hosting companies in the industry, we find that Enom still needs to make some improvements in terms of this aspect.

However, it is safe to tell webmasters that if they just want to run their websites for blogging for something else, Enom can meet their requirements. The company takes some useful measures, including 24/7 server monitoring and automatic placement on the least busy web server and etc, make it possible for its webmasters to access a relatively reliable and stable online environment to operate their websites.

Besides, the company also attaches great importance to online security, so it utilizes some popular tools and technologies, such as automatic website hacker prevention tools, automatically stop SQL/MySQL injection attacks, block known spyware/malware attacks, stop Spam posts to your forums, guestbook and SSL.

Enom Customer Service Is So-so

We all know that top of the line technical support is very important for webmasters to manage their websites successfully. However, we have to tell webmasters that the customer service offered by Enom is so-so.

At this company, if webmasters encounter some problems that they cannot dealt with themselves, the only way they seek solutions is phone call or Enom Help Center or FAQs. The most useful supporting methods, live chat is not available for webmasters to contact the support center. Therefore, it is not advisable for webmasters who have little web hosting experience to choose Enom to run their websites.


Generally speaking, Enom has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of web hosting. At this company, its customers can get ample features to support their websites. However, the customer service and the overall performance of this company are not as great as some other popular web hosting companies.


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