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esignal Trading Platform Review

Sally XuReviewed By: Rating: ★★★★¼ (4.25) Updated On: Dec 23, 2014

Why eSignal is still one of the Best Online Trading Charting Tool?

Through this review, let us find out why the eSignal is still rated as one of the best online trading charting tools.

About eSignal

eSignal is an online trading charting tool that started in 1983 by Quotrek. It was a wireless professional data feed. The online trading charting tool provides accurate charting for traders and brokers to make their trades successful. Only when your data is reliable, your trade will be effective and you stand to make more money.

esignal Trading Platform Review

Probably that is one of the main reasons this trading tool is very popular and used by all the major brokerage firms. The tool provides you with data streams which is ideal for analyzing software and charts. You need know pay the monthly fees unlike other trading software. The online trading charting tool provides several software that can be used by traders who are at various levels.

Investment offers

This online trading charting tool provides you with excellent investment offers like options, futures, stocks, Forex, ETF data, and others. You can also access 100s of indices and exchanges globally. You can access stocks globally for $49.95 per month. Their investment offers are something that ought not to be missed.

Fees and Commissions

The online trading charting tool provides you with many packages which can be slighting costly when compared to other online trading tools. Their packages will cost you in the price range of $120-130. You have many chart types and tools which you can use to draw. They include candlestick, Kagi, line, bar, point, point break.

Trading Tools

This online trading charting tool provides you with several trading tools that you can find helpful when trading. The first trading tool is eSignal OnDemand, which contains the End-of-Day (EOD) and the intraday charting which uses several strategies which are pre designed and technical indicators.

esignal Trading Platform Review

You can communicate with several traders and brokers. The eSignal Pro is another trading tool that is best suited for brokers and trading firms. You can use features like real-time data, advance charting, and volume discounts. The Advanced GET Edition is mainly for futures, stocks, options, and Forex trading.

If you expertise in these, then you might want to try your hand using this feature. You will also want to know that this feature comes with more than 100 hours of mentoring and training. You cannot go wrong when you are using this trading tool. The Future Source Workstation is meant for traders who want to trade with cash, options, futures, foreign exchange, equities, and energy.

The Live Charts is another trading tool which can be accessed from any browser you want. These charts are required when you want to trade to help you analyze the current market situation. Since you can access it from your browser, finding information on the latest market conditions will not be a problem.

This online trading charting tool offers you many trading tools which are suited for trading using any kind of stock option you want.

Help, Supports and Resources

You can contact eSignal through phone, live chat, and email. They are pretty responsive and answer your questions immediately. You would be amazed at the response on their live chat. The online trading charting tool has excellent customer support representatives that are capable of answering your questions in a professional manner.

esignal Trading Platform Review

You would also want to know that their software packages come with trading guides that are easy to understand and learn. This is something that is missing in most of the online trading stock software. You can take part in their forums which are active and have several professional traders and brokers as their members.

They also have a wide collection of research features which can provide you with plenty of information regarding companies, market analysis, stock charts, and other data which you would find useful when you want to trade. The research feature is commendable in this online trading charting tool.

It is safe to say that their customer support and training program is one of the best in the trading industry.


You can benefit from their excellent customer support and live seminars which are very useful for amateur traders. Their library contains updated data on various factors that you will need when trading. Whether you are a professional trader or somebody who is beginning their career as a trader, you would find this trading tool extremely beneficial.

Overall, this is an online trading charting tool that you would not want to miss on.

Review Overall

Summary: Is can be said that eSignal, is one of the most flexible online trading charting tool that is present today. You can make use of some of the best data streams available in the trading field. You can also make use of their mobile tools which provide you with a higher hand when trading. Their features are compatible with many online traders.
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