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Eve Lom Morning Cleanser Review

Effie XuReviewed By: Rating: ★★★★½ (4.45) Updated On: Mar 9, 2015

Morning cleansing is a big part of any woman’s beauty routine, as when we wake up our skin has over night dirt and if we do not clean this up well then the dead cells keeps building up on our face, result it becomes dark and lifeless. No matter whether you use makeup or not, always make sure your face skin is clean in the morning. But these days some women stay away from using face wash or cleanser as they fear the soap in the product will make their skin dry and the signs of aging will appear much before than normal. But even though it is true there are a easy solution for this, if you go look out at the makeup stores then you will find out that there are some cleanser available that absolutely soap free and if you clean your face with these products your face will never get dry instead it will be smooth and fresh after every use. Find out more useful information in our beauty products reviews.

Eve Lom Morning Cleanser Review

Yes there are some cleansing products that will hydrate your skin instead of dry, Eve Lom Morning Cleanser is one such product, and you will see a difference right from the first time use. Even dermatologists recommend this to the women who suffer from extreme dry skin condition. Here is a complete review of the product.


4.1 OZ tube costs $45.86 and it may look a little high for some women but this is not soap. All women will feel that this is a really great buy and the feeling will come after one use only.

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Eve Lom Morning Cleanser comes in a slick and slim white tube which looks very attractive, the golden and white combination is classy and elegant. The tube is also very hygienic and spill proof, easy to carry, lightweight and very convenient for women who travels a lot.

Eve Lom Morning Cleanser Review


The product does not really have any distinct smell; you do feel like a smell of fresh fruit salad when you open the tube but it’s really mild and does not stay for long.


It’s soft creamy and light weight, easy to put on your face and does not have an oily base. Even when you will touch this you will understand that this is so much smoother than the cleansing milks you are using.

Eve Lom Morning Cleanser Review


The effectiveness you will understand only after you start using this every day. This is not like anything that you ever used on your face, all your face cleansers left your skin dry and as soon as you are done cleaning the face you needed moisturizer otherwise your face looked dry and lifeless. Well forget about those days now, as this cream will leave your skin so smooth that you will feel that you just put on the moisturizer, and see the cotton ball carefully, have you ever thought that your morning face could have that much dirt? Is not this an eye opener, just clean and once and try a little more product on your face and clean it with another clean cotton ball. This time it will be cleaned, this is to prove that this cleanser takes care of all the dirt on your face at first use only, even though it says that it is for morning you can also use this cleanser at night to get rid of make up from your face. Use it over eye and the total face, no matter how much makeup you used all will be on your cotton ball and your face will be cleaned completely. You do not need cotton ball, just rinse with warm water, this is just to see for first time that it really works. And you will even forget that you need to use your daily moisturizer as your skin is already so smooth, another thing is there are women who suffers from oily T-zone and their face always looks dirty even after cleaning up.

Eve Lom Morning Cleanser Review

If you are one of those women then try this cleanser for a change and see the difference for yourself, because your skin will be completely cleaned you will never have blemishes, or sudden breakouts. For best result use the cleanser once in the morning and once before you put on night repair cream.


Papaya fruit is one of the best natural ingredients for face and this cleanser is mostly papaya engine based along with other natural ingredients like carrot oil. There is absolutely no chemical in the product.

Your beauty routine starts with cleansing your face, if there is dirt left on your face then the makeup will do harm to your skin. So be careful, cheap soaps also make your skin so dry that you look old and tired, invest in a good product and never miss the twice cleansing routine.

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Summary: Eve Lom Morning Cleanser is one such product, and you will see a difference right from the first time use.
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