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Fresh Rose Face Mask Review

A facial mask not only removes dirt present on the surface of the skin but also draws out all the impurities and exfoliates the dead skin cells to stimulate the blood circulation, thus leaving your skin softer and smoother. But, how many face masks available in the stores actually live up to their promises? So, if you are looking for a face mask that moisturizes, softens, tones and also nourishes your skin, you should definitely try ‘Fresh rose face mask’. Get a look at more features of the product in the following paragraphs.

Fresh Rose Face Mask


A 100 ml/ 3.3 oz of Fresh rose face mask jar comes for a price of $73, which is overpriced. The product is expensive but does work as it says. You won’t be disappointed with it, and would definitely go for another once you reach the bottom of the jar. It is highly recommended for the dry and sensitive skin types.

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The product comes in a sturdy, air- tight, white and completely opaque glass jar with a protective cover- lid and a twist- cap on it. This kind of packaging helps to prevent exposure to light and keeps the product fresh. The mask however is flow-y and thin, so the jar should always be kept upright to prevent any risk of leakage. Also, there is no scoop or spatula included in the package which makes it quite unhygienic.


The mask is brown in color which contains small bits of rose- petals. The consistency of this mask is very thin which makes it very flow-y and runny like a liquefied- gel. A very little amount is enough for the whole face as it spreads quite easily. A cooling sensation is felt for a few minutes upon application; it calms and cools the skin surface. Then, it dries out over the time. It dries faster if a thick layer is applied. However, the mask does not dry completely and thus remains very tacky and sticky to touch.

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The fragrance of this mask is very cool and relaxing. It smells like fresh roses. But those with sensitive nose may not find the smell to be that pleasant. It smells like a medicinal scent mixed in the floral scent to them. The faint medicinal scent is due to the preservatives used in the product. But, it does not make any issue as the scent dissipates very quickly.


1 jar of 100ml/ 3.3 oz is likely to last for about 3- 4 months even if you use the product every day, as a very little amount is required to spread and cover the whole face. The liquefied gel texture helps it spread easily and evenly all over the face.

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This face mask is very gentle for skin and can be used daily. Those with sensitive skins can also use it without worrying about any breakouts. It can be applied on the skin as directed below:

  • Apply a facial cleanser to moist your skin and maximize the benefits of the mask.
  • Apply the mask evenly all over the face carefully avoiding the skin under the eyes.
  • Leave it on for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Rinse it with warm water.
  • Pat the face dry with a towel.


Your skin will really love this mask, as it becomes calm, hydrated and soothed after its application. It is a great product for the dry and sensitive skin, but not for the oily ones. It is highly recommended for those with a sensitive skin tone as it helps calm the redness, refreshes the skin and instantly provides relief to the irritated skin.

This product is a great catch for dry skin types as it hydrates and moisturizes the skin. It does not cause any tingling or irritation. The skin feels nourished and refreshed with a long lasting glow. You do not need to follow up with a moisturizer, as the mask does the job perfectly. It can be used daily without worrying about any breakouts. It however is not very suitable for the oily skin types because it causes immense hydration which will leave your skin feeling even more oily or greasy.

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Fresh rose face mask  is a mixture of natural ingredients and preservatives. The natural ingredients include rose flower extracts which helps to get an even toned skin, reduce the redness and irritation, and thus soothes out the skin. The cucumber extracts used act as anti- inflammatory ingredients, and the aloe vera extracts cools down the skin, helps reduce acne and refreshes the skin. Also some other ingredients are used along with calendula officianalis flower extracts and a marine alga that helps moisturize and hydrate the skin.

Review Overall

Summary: So, if you are looking for a face mask that moisturizes, softens, tones and also nourishes your skin, you should definitely try ‘Fresh rose face mask’.
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