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Ghd Eclipse Review

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Many women shy away from straightening their hair. The fact is that no sooner they do it; the hair becomes brittle and frizzy. Soon there is a lot of hair-fall and the some hair therapy is required to make good the damaged hair. There are many hair-styling gadgets which provide curls and straightening of the hair but they also mention that the user must gauge the rate of the heat and the speed of the blower. In a nutshell, these gadgets are not basically safe and damage hair if carelessly used by the user. Often, users don’t realize the damage they are doing to their hair. However, Ghd seems to address these problems in a successful way. Let’s find out what these features are in its latest Ghd Eclipse hair styling machine.

Ghd Eclipse Review


The hair straightening and curling product is made from a prestigious company that employs expert hair stylist. It is after series of experiments that this gizmo has been rolled into operation. Naturally, the product comes with a cost ($225). However, some e-shops offer them discounted price.

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Gdh Eclipse is actually a flat iron styler plate which has two strong plates attached to the handles of the gizmo. The product is shipped with the gizmo, a user guide and a heat resistant plate guard. So, this gadget can be tucked inside travel bags no sooner it is used. The guard does not allow the heated plate to come in contact with the other items inside the bag. The gizmo is shipped with a 2-year warranty slip. In fact, it can be delivered for free by the company.

Ghd Eclipse Review


The sleek and trendy looking gizmo looks elegant no doubt, but one fails to understand what is so special about it. The experts from Ghd point out that the plates are not just conductors of heat but have three highly sensitive sensors. So, the sensors ensure that the heat is same throughout the plates.

Known as the Tri-zone technology, the know-how incorporated in the plates ensure that the sensors keep the heat same. The hair stylists at Ghd advice that hair should not be subjected to high temperatures — say 400 degree Celsius. High temperature will only burn it. However, some women felt that this as the right temperature for getting a significant result.

So, the experts thought of two plans. They first used the sensors to help the entire plate attain the same temperature. This temperature was posted at 365 degree Celsius. The second plan was to ensure that the user had no role to tweak the temperature. Many novice users made the temperature high not knowing that they were damaging the hair. So, why put it in the first place? The gizmo has no dial for tweaking the temperature.

A trademark of the Jemella Group, Ghd Eclipse has made a long and significant way to reach to this level today. It has brought out a new technology which is safe and efficient.

Ghd Eclipse Review


If you are wondering about the temperature of the hair, don’t worry on that front. The plates have high glide precision-milled coating that helps the hair strands to stay cool. The plates have sensors which also use the polyphonic sound and backlight. The gadget is made up of Aerogel that insulates the body of the machine and keeps it cool even when high temperature is used for a long time – say 45 minutes. So, users can use them conveniently without burning their hands even after using it for a long time.

The gizmo is equipped with a universal voltage option which allows users to use it in any country with different voltage conditions. So, they don’t have to carry adapters or batteries to power up the ironing tool. When not in use, the gizmo goes into a sleep mode. This is automatic and remains in this mode unless the user moves it. There is a 9 feet power cord to help the user to maneuver it conveniently. The Ghd Eclipse hairstyle ironing product is quite efficient. It is ready for use in just 20 seconds.

Ghd Eclipse Review

How to Use

The hair must be clean and dry. There should not be any oil in it. Some users may use a special hairstyling solution to tame a rugged hair. The gizmo is switched on and heated for few minutes. It is then used to style the tresses.

The tresses are passed through the plates and it straightens out. Just one single stroke is required to make the unkempt hair look polished, shiny, hydrated, and bouncy. The cascading locks are no longer dry but silky to touch.

Ghd Eclipse Review

Review Overall

Highly Recommended
Summary: So, why not be a lucky buyer and grab a discounted deal to buy the product if you are all set to travel and intend to make an attractive hairdo every day?
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