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Gigabyte P27K Review

Effie XuReviewed By: Rating: ★★★★¼ (4.25) Updated On: Aug 6, 2014

Manufacturing game videos is a serious preoccupation today as thousands of HD videos are sold to enthusiastic gamers each day. Every week, new games are being churned out with new theme and interface. To match these high-tend games, a suitable gaming laptop is a must. Gigabyte P27K is just what an experienced gamer would love to have. It has robust computing technology and a huge storage device to allow seamlessly gaming experience. Many programmers too, use this laptop to store and reuse games for better programming ideas. However, check out if this gizmo really includes all specifications of a perfect gaming device.


Gigabyte P27K has dimension at (10.93 x 16.26 x 1.92) inches, which is quite similar to what usual gaming laptop has. In other words, it is boxy and little weighty (3kgs). However, the mobile computing device looks trendy and is sold in two varieties – all-black matte finish or black body with orange cover (matte finish). And, considering the huge 17.3-inch display, the laptop is justifiably heavy. The angular edges and ergonomically designed interiors give a regal look to the gadget.

The keyboard has suitable keys that are useful for playing games. This device has superior-quality backlit keys which allow users to type without a room light as well. There are ports on either ends for wireless connectivity and multimedia options.

Gigabyte P27K Review


Powered by Intel core i7-4700MQ processor that provide a performance speed of 2.4GHz, the P27K model is a high performing and efficient gadget. In fact, the Haswell processor use tri-gate or 3D-transistor to ensure that the processor performs better but takes place power to do the job, compared to technologies used earlier.

Along with 16 GB DDR3 internal memory (and, 3DIMM memory slots), the laptop can be further upgraded to host powerful games. The laptop can store huge number of data. It also has a Solid State Drive (SSD) that ensures fast booting option, quick startups and better refresh rates. The gizmo has 1024GB HHD with a spin speed of 5400 rpm. There is also another 128GB SSD that helps better performance of the gaming laptop.

As a laptop that is mainly meant to play games, there must be a dedicated graphics utility. The P27K model has Intel HD Graphics 4600 as well as the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M with dedicated storage option of 2GB GDDR5.

The computing technology is just right to ensure that the 17.3-inch LCD, non-glossy, backlit screen is able to provide high quality FHD images on a screen resolution of (1920×1080) pixels. Videos can be seen at 1080p. There is a webcam (2MP), Kensington Lock system, 8-cell lithium-ion battery, speakers, microphones, two USB 3.0 ports, an eSATA and SB3.0 combo port, an USB 2.0 port, HDMI connectivity, an RJ45 port, and 9-in-1 card reader.

Gigabyte P27K Review


The computing device has 4th-generation Intel processor that can further increase the speed of the laptop to 3.4GHz after securing a TurboBoost utility. It also uses the latest chipset, Mobile Intel HM87 Express chipset for better performance.

Additionally, the gizmo is powered by NVIDIA Optimus technology – the ability to optimize the graphical performance of the laptop so that high quality images are seen. So, one can take breathtaking 3D games without getting frustrated on the speed and quality of the graphics. The mini-computer is compatible with Direct11 application programming interface (API). Naturally, the laptop is good enough to host some sensational games that works with superb speed and requires heavy graphics card and memory.

The optical device can accept both Blu-Ray DVDs and usual DVDs – it has a Blu-Ray cum SuperMulti DVD RW combo drive. The laptop has utilities of a movie player that allows the game to check out high end movie games. The laptop has a perfect bass and pitch that is similar to a movie hall. The Sound Blaster Cinema technology helps the laptop to provide perfect sound without cracking at higher pitch. With a secured device, the laptop can be safely used without prying eyes entering into its processing unit. Users can take the laptop while travelling and connect it to wireless network or Bluetooth networks seamlessly as well.

Gigabyte P27K Review

Help and Customer Support

The Taiwan-based IT major, Gigabyte has a customer-friendly support system. Users can visit the website and log in to the customer care cell to seek assistance from the technical team. They can also download suitable drivers and utilities as required without paying any cost for the same.


An Intel-based gaming laptop, Gigabyte P27K is priced modestly at around $1,500. However, consider some facts, such as non-availability of built-in speakers and an average battery life, before buying the product. Overall however, it is a handy gaming gizmo.

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