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How to Convert Files to Kindle Format

So you finally found your beloved ebook reader and are ready to enjoy it on your new and shiny Kindle only to find out that Kindle supports only MOBI format whereas the book you have is in a different format. A number of tools are there  that support converting various file types into a compatible Kindle Paperwhite version and below are the best of the lot.



This tool is available in both Windows and Mac OS versions. This tool offers the ability to convert a host of book formats into Kindle-compatible (MOBI) format such as  – CBR, CBZ, CBC, CHM, EPUB, FB2, HTML, LIT, ODT, LRF, MOBI, PDF, PDB, PRC, PML, SNB, RB, RTF, TCR, and TXT. Calibre is also capable of cross converting the above-mentioned formats into each other beyond just converting them to MOBI format.

How to Convert Files to Kindle Format

This tool also comes with a host of other functionalities such as:

  • E-book library management – Calibre takes a unique ‘logical’ approach to e-book management using a virtual library that refers to all format versions of a given book by the book name itself. It also gives the user ability to sort the e-book collection via a variety of filters. The most famous ones are-
  • Date Added to the Library
  • The author of the book
  • Book Title
  • Electronic size of the book
  • User assigned rating for the book
  • Publication date for the given e-book.
  • Calibre also supports two custom criteria for filtering and arranging e-books – Adding customized tags and Writing comments for a particular book. This tool makes searching through a huge e-book collection a breeze and also supports the creation of advanced search criteria’s that can be used to construct complex queries.
  • Ebook conversion and device sync – Not only does calibre convert e-books into a compatible format for your Kindle, but also helps you sync up the converted e-books to Kindle.
  • News for e-book – Calibre also allows you to convert online news-related pieces into e-book format for Kindle. Compatible newspaper sites include, but not limited to – – The Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, ESPN among many others.
  • Online storage – Calibre can store and organize your e-books on an online server so that they are available from any location in the world for your Kindle device.
  • E-book preview functionality – Calibre also saves you from the fuss of going from one folder to another just  trying to catch a glimpse of your favourite e-book. It converts all supported formats into a MOBI format for Kindle by allowing you to preview the same.

Mobipocket Creator

Although Mobipocket Creator gives you limited ability in terms of the file formats that it allows to convert into a MOBI format (supported  by Kindle). It is still popular as it gives users additional ability to ‘create their e-books’ from any HTML image / the web page or a simple JPEG/JPG picture.

How to Convert Files to Kindle Format


Some of the most popular utilities offered by Mobipocket Creator include:

  • Ability to create a photo album – This feature not only allows you to import your favourite pictures from the camera to kindle but also enables you to add comments and headings on the same. There are some additional options to view the pics on the Kindle in a slideshow format, rotate them to fit Kindle screen, zoom in and out of pictures
  • Creating a date-book – Export a list of birthdays and anniversaries into a compatible format for your Kindle
  • Power GUI environment – User-friendly interface with full size and thumbnail option for all artifacts, integrated HTML editor and web viewer. A built-in simulator to check out how your e-books would look on Kindle, and opportunity to make your e-books password protected
  • Personalize your e-books – Ability to add tags such as author name, price and anything else that is significant to e-books, add bookmarks (pre-defined) to jump over to your favourite sections
  • Utilize DRM protection feature – You can use this feature as follows-
  • Copyright protected content from being distributed – This process involves tagging your e-books to be read only on a particular device in order to prevent distribution without the corresponding license key. This way, no illegal copies of your purchased e-book would ever be in circulation
  • A handy deploy button would bring the e-book onto Mobipocket server in order to record it as a unique copy and take caution of any copyright infringement risks
  • This service is specially designed to allow content publishers to retain the rights and the corresponding identity of all their written work

Since the advent of the Kindle, it has been hailed as the best device to read e-books, and there are ample reasons for the same. Having the ability to convert your favourite e-book into a compatible format for your Kindle is a must have, and the above-described applications do a fabulous job on the same. (See our Kindle Paperwhite Review here.)

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