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How To Curl Your Hair With a Curling Iron

If you are not blessed with a curl or wavy hair no worry, you can always get your hair curled for two or three days using the right technique. A curling iron is used to create all types of curls like tight curl, wavy hair, thin spiral curl, formal curl etc. Here the technique is explained in full detail. If you are looking for a nice styling tool for hair, check out our recommendation on Best Styling Tool for Hair.

How To Curl Your Hair With a Curling Iron

Step 1: Heat up the curl iron

The first step to curl your hair with any types of iron is to heat up the iron to right temperature. If the iron is not heated properly then the curling won’t be formed. The right temperature to curl the hair is 320 degree for thin hair and 430 degree if you have a thick hair. Over heated iron can damage your hair so be careful in adjusting the right temperature.

Step 2: Make your hair ready

  • Make your hair fully dry before using the curl iron as if you touch the hot iron in the wet hair then the result would be horrible. The water in the hair will be turned into scalding steam in the contact of heat and it will leave your hair damaged. So dry the hair properly or else it is better to use a blow dry before using the iron.
  • Brush up your hair nicely. If any tangles are there in your hair then various severe hair problem like split end, hair fallen will be started.
  • Spray a heat protecting onto the hair to prevent any kind of damage that may happen due to the heat from the iron.

How To Curl Your Hair With a Curling Iron

Step 3: Split your hair in sections

Splitting hair into sections makes the curl more uniformed and tight. Thick or thin whatever hair you have it is needed to split hair into sections to make the curl more uniformed and tight. First pin up the top section of your hair and leave the bottom part and start curling from that layer. Slowly release the next layer and curl that portion. Repeat this process until the last layer. Remember smaller section gives tight curl and bigger section forms loose and wavy curl. So make the division as per your choice.

Step 4: Start the curling process

When everything is set you can start doing the curling process. Take a little portion of your hair and place the iron on that section either on the top or bottom of the hair. This depends on the type of curl iron you are using.

If you are using a curl iron which has a clamp near the handle, you need to start curling by placing the iron at the lower end. First open the clamp and place your hair at the lower end of the barrel, near the handle. Close the clamp and start wrapping your hair in the iron in upward direction. Come close to the root and stop otherwise the scalp may get burned.

But if you are using a wand curl iron which does not have any clamp, start the curling process from the top of your hair. One hand needs to be used while using this curl iron. Sometimes a glove is offered with this type of iron to protect the hand from heat.

How To Curl Your Hair With a Curling Iron

Step 5: Hold the iron in place for few seconds

After wrapping the hair keep holding the iron like that for 10 seconds so that the curls get heated and leave it. But this time depends on the curl iron and the temperature of the iron. After releasing the hair from hot iron if your hair still looks bit flat then pin up the curls and unlock the pin at last. Once a particular section is done move to the next part of hair and repeat the same process. Continue this curling process till the last section of hair.

Step 6: Use a hairspray to hold the curl tight

This step is optional and required for them who are having a very straight hair. So if you are scared that the curl may fall out then spray a mist on the curl once they are formed. Also you can spray it after creating all the curls. But never spray the mist when the hair is wrapped in the iron as heat and mist together will ruin your hair.

Step 7: Finish up

When you are done with the full curling process, run your fingers on the hair to loosen the curls a bit. This will make your hair look thicker and separate the curls using your fingers. But do not brush your hair after curling as these will make the curl very loose and sometimes a slow run of hairbrush makes the curl wavy that forms another style in your hair. But if you want the curls to stay tight all over the day then this step is not required.

So now you have an idea of the right curling technique that will help you to curl your hair without any damage. Find out more useful information in our beauty products reviews.

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