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how to get perfect PDFs on your ebook reader

how to get perfect PDFs on your eabook reader

Most eBook readers are configured to read PDF documents. However, these PDF documents can be a pain to read on your eBook reader screen. To make matters worse, when your eBook reader comes with a small screen, then you will find it extremely hard to read what is given on the PDF documents.

You can’t blame anybody here. Most of the eBook readers come with a 6” screen and when you are somebody who likes to read a lot, then having text that is visible can do you lot of favors. So, can you convert PDF documents to help you read them effectively? Yes, you can convert your PDF files and read them in an enjoyable manner.

What good is it, when you cannot read an eBook properly? If you are a student or scholar who is using an eBook reader, then you would want to be able to enjoy your reading, since you are going to do that for long periods of time. In this article, we have listed few ideas using which you can convert your PDF files and read them without straining your eyes.

You do not want to damage your eyesight by straining them when reading books in PDF format on your eBook reader. To be able to enjoy your reading you need to use the given below methods. Various kinds of eBook readers support PDF rendering. Reading an eBook is impossible when you want to read it on an eBook reader.

The columns and margins present on the files can be read on large 15” screens. However, the same documents become hard to view when seen on a 6” screen. You can do that by copying the text which is present in your PDF file and create a Mobi or ePUB file. You can also use software to convert the PDF file.

There are software’s available in the market and depending on your requirements you can buythe right one. Based on the software you use, the conversion quality works. Supposing you are not satisfied with the quality of the file which has been converted, then you need to try out some other software.

Once you have used the software, you will want to covert the document to HTML. You need to realize that the format before converting your document to Mobi or ePUB is HTML. You can easily covert it to HTML by copying the entire text on a Word document and clicking the save as button.

You need to then choose the HTML option. You can remove the page numbers and other features which you feel are obstructing your document and preventing you from being able to read the text. You can also paste images on your HTML file and use different formatting. You need to ensure that you follow the instructions given on the software to be able to convert them into Mobi or ePUB.

Try to crop the white margin around the text

For the built-in founts of ebook readers (such as kindle) are not enough to present a nice text in the ebook reader. So if your PDF document has some useless white margins, you can just crop the main text so that you can get a better reading experience.

We recommend the cropping software: Briss, a freeware that lets you manually crop your PDF document visually. And in most cases, cropping is enough and you will not need to perform conversions of PDF to other formants.

Convert your PDF into other formats

In this case, we must mention Calibre, a free and cross-platform ebook management tool which can support MacOS,Windows and Linux.

To convert the PDF, you should open Calibre and right click on the book. Select Convert Books –> Convert individually. Here you’ll find an enormously detailed menu with toggles and settings galore. But for the first conversion stick with the default settings and convert between PDF and a suitable format for your ebook reader, even the PDF with columns or graphes may convert to more fluent reading formats.

For small screen ebook readers-KOReader

Most of the PDFs are not suitable in the 6” screen. So when you got a small screen ebook reader and you also want to have a good reading experience on PDF. We recommend the free software, KOReader. KOReader is a document viewer application, created for kindle book reader. It now supports the Kobo, Kindle 5 (touch), Kindle Paperwhite and Android (2.3+) devices. And this software can reform the PDF to suitable for the small screen. But you must jailbreak your device before using this application, and another shortcoming of KOReader is the increase of file size.

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